Things that belong in a litter box…besides the obvious!

Things that belong in MY litter box..besides the obvious!  Remember that story I told you about in my first post?  This is a continuation.  Once again without naming any names or pointing out “people who shall not be named.”

It’s times like these I think turning multiple shades of red takes on a whole new meaning.  It doesn’t matter if you’re in public and around people who there is 99.9% chance you will never see again; embarrassment doesn’t discriminate. Remember that the next time you walk into an unknown restaurant to take a look around….

Soooo….during “a” vacation we decided to go strolling downtown; window shopping, taking pictures and whatnot.  Along the way we found the establishment which I planned on having dinner at (had a coupon). It was going to be that night; but grumbling noises and the infamous “are we there yet,” from the backseat got in the way.

Even though all the locals gave us a thumbs up on the food; I was determined to see it for myself; besides it was Happy Hour!!

We sit down at the counter; my mom and I ordered a couple of sangria’s and the person that “shall not be named,” asks for water with lemons.  Too bloated for beer and they didn’t sell hard stuff.

Make notes from items below:

1. Always order something even if you’re not thirsty or hungry; especially if you plan on returning again.

2. If you order water, be happy with a single slice of lemon, don’t ask for the tree.

3. If you ignore #2, under no circumstances reach for any sugar packets!

4. When the hostess is looking in your direction, 9 times out of 10, there is a reason.

5.  Whispering in a foreign language around people you are sure do not speak that language is never a good sign.

6.  Before you decide to make your own lemonade ask if they serve it there or refer to #2 (please).

7. Since you’ve already made a complete ass out of yourself and those in your party at least leave a decent tip! (and no that does not mean a single dollar.)

8.  If by chance you have ignored everything I have mentioned above; throw away your coupon, forget about torturing your mother-in-law into trying gator tail, and resign yourself to the fact you will never EVER live it down.





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2 Responses to Things that belong in a litter box…besides the obvious!

  1. Joe B. says:

    Look…when a waitress gives you a bunch of lemon wedges when you asked for one.You don’t waist….you make lemonaid!!!!

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