“Butter” Churns and Scraps; the introduction….

If you would have asked me 6 months ago what a “churn” was, I would have most  likely told you (stated in the definition below), something my stomach does each time I opened a bill….
So much for that theory……..
The definition of a churn: (Fast-forwarding to the verb section of Merriam Webster’s online dictionary, as of yesterday.)
Pay special attention to intransitive verb section (2 b):

Definition of CHURN

transitive verb
1 to agitate (milk or cream) in a churn in order to make butter
2 a : to stir or agitate violently an old stern-wheeler churning the muddy river
 b : to make (as foam) by so doing
3: to make (the account of a client) excessively active by frequent purchases and sales primarily in order to generate commissions  
intransitive verb
1 to work a churn
a : to produce, proceed with, or experience violent motion or agitation (her stomach was churning) (churning legs)
 b : to proceed by or as if by means of rotating members (as wheels or propellers) boats churning across the harbor
To break it down in a more simplistic way: (I’m sure the F.F.’s are having a cow right about now!)  We have the following:
1. Apply for a credit card(s) in cycles; those that give you a nice fat sign on bonus’ via award points/airline miles.
2. Meet the required spend (such as, lets say: 30,000 bonus miles for spending $1,000.00 in 3 months). With me so far?  We are just covering basics mind you; not all the extra perks that go with it.
3. Collect all your lucrative little miles; (by performing steps 1 & 2); wait a period (about 3 months or so) and as stated in 2 b of intransitive verbs, you try to “churn” or acquire a new set of credit cards to start the process all over again.  Pretty nifty huh??
4.  If you manage to complete the steps above without ruining your credit, making a late payment ( hello interest rate from hell), or canceling your card before the $0 annual fee comes to an end; you’re doing damn good!
And that my fellow newbies is a short but sweet and to the point intro. to the infamous “CHURN!”
Moving on……
Random miles & points (As I like to call it Scraps..)
You can find these in some of the craziest places (I’ll give you a few to think about.)
Know a thing or two about Grand Prix?
A certain hotel chain has Fantasy Racing League’s…. As a matter of fact, just a couple of weeks ago I won something like 1,500 points!  Yup; my team/drivers/components, etc., came in the top 100 of one of the races. Do I know anything about some Kimi driver, Renault or Team Red Bull?
Okay, maybe Red Bull, (with a splash of vodka); the rest of it, sheer luck.  If my luck happens to last, I’ll be “lapping” it up in a free hotel room!
Coke Rewards…..Someone better come home with a hand full of these suckers if they expect some dinner in the oven (especially during NCAA) time. If I can randomly out score Kareem…I’m using those points to buy me some United Miles, or at the very least a new tote bag to add to my growing collection in the closet!! You betcha!!
Oh almost forgot make that 1 more to think about…
Show tunes anyone? What about Broadway Trivia?
Yet another miles generating game.  Answer the weekly questions, pick the program you’d like to deposited those tiny miles in and bam, done!
There is the option of going to the theater, if you so choose..
Last but definitely not least…..looking for a trip to Vegas and have some time to kill; before, during or after work?  Instead of playing a Hostile bird game, try that Vegas game on Facebook. Every time you play, loyalty points are earned for REAL REWARDS! Free rooms, buffets, shows, VIP table service; the list goes on!
Here’s the deal, If I’m gonna waste my time on something, I damn well better get something in return!!! I figure two free nights in a suite, two buffet passes and I’m still on the fence about a show or VIP service??? That together would be a fair trade for 5-10 minutes of my day, for a few months or more; who’s counting?
Disclaimer (the rant): Nope, I was not paid or given compensation in anyway to write this (insert eye roll here<—–). Certain specifics have been left out on purpose (too lazy to flip pages on my screen).
Enjoy and please comment!
-Kat (H.B.I.C.)  (Head Brat In Charge)  Get your head out of the gutter… 🙂

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