Fabulous time in Wengen (Switzerland) – Diarrhoea started it all!

This was too funny, not to share (Travel Related)!


We had a really smashing time in Wengen and we remember it till this day. Just the thought of all that crisp air makes me smile. But something else makes me smile too. In a different way.

From Zurich, we checked out of the Alexander Guesthouse and pulled our luggages to Zurich Hauptbahnhof. We were there for the 10am train from Zurich to Wengen. The funniest incident (funny now that we think about it, truly-frightening-and-I-nearly-peed-in-my-pants scary back then) happened and I must share this with you or I am not doing this incident justice.

If you are eating right now, please stop.

My sister had been having the worst diarrhoea of her life since we flew from Singapore to Munich a few days ago. What was amazing to me was that she never said much about it till we reached Zurich (that was 4 days into our holiday already!) and she…

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