Hanging with the biker boys…


My bar of choice to chill out after or before a long day (usually both). If you’re ever in Tokaj, you should stop by for a cold one and some friendly conversation with the locals and tourists alike! Just look for the “Red” gate on the main road with plenty of picnic tables..


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6 Responses to Hanging with the biker boys…

  1. iamoceansroar says:

    A great village in Hungary.

    • Kat Bultman says:

      Thanks for the comment…yes it is! Mostly know for it’s wine though it has much more to offer!

      • iamoceansroar says:

        My students took me there for a celebration. They made me two kinds of töltött káposzta. i have visited there many times.

      • Kat Bultman says:

        Stuffed cabbage..luv when my mom makes that. Unless you have, the next time you go try the “Halasz Cukraszda” for some dessert!!

      • iamoceansroar says:

        i love Hungarian food, but i have never liked their cakes. Too dry for my taste, except somlói galuska . i prefer the French pastries.

      • Kat Bultman says:

        Have u tried Kremes? It’s my favorite. Not sure what they call a version of it in France, but it’s a layered flaky pastry dough with a light cream filling. They do have pogacha (like little biscuits)..

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