Aloha Friday?

I woke up this morning with very good intentions…  Then I started to read my e-mail, Twitter, Facebook page, etc. and came across this (see images below):

Sureeee, that is what you say every morning!

Sureeee, that is what you say every morning!

After the morning ritual of coffee, unloading and loading the dishwasher, starting a few loads of laundry and I am sure to my hubby’s displeasure (doesn’t know at time of posting), I relocated the printer to my “office,” (laughs)! Does a folding table, laptop, a computer chair and a cardboard container labeled “inbox” count?

Went out in the backyard and had a brief but meaningful conversation with Neko (the demon spawn as hubby calls him)… Of course I asked him for his opinion; and he’s got the yeahhhh, and noooo sound down pat.

Why am I always so tired Neko? He’s sitting on my patio chair looking up at me.  How the hell am I supposed to know; all I care about is ample food in my dish, a little fresh water, a soothing belly rub or chin scratch and brushing up against your legs to mark my turf.

Back to facebook…oh look my answer to the big Friday mystery!!

Well that explains it all!!

Well that explains it all!!

Thank you sweetie for that wonderful explanation; does this mean I get to remove the offensive parts that are interfering with my negative 4 hours of sleep per night? (j/k)

I’m gonna take that as a no… so let’s move on!

Well (H.C.I.C.)(Head Cat In Charge), you are not being very helpful this morning! So I found this other cute little post by one of my friends that described my present mood.  Remember to replace the word “neighbor” with Neko in this situation.

I'm not known for my subtle comments!

I’m not known for my subtle comments!

Poor Mr. R., bow-tie and all.  I wonder who’s hand that is?? It’s nice to think those perfect people we see aren’t really that perfect after all.

Better luck, tomorrow…Aloha Friday’s have met their demise. So in the words of a PINK Song “You gotta get up and try”.  What to do next??? Try, try, try!!



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