You Really Want to Go There?

Is all this really necessary? I’m sure many of you have experienced these and other similar situations.  Before I finished my last over-due post….which I had to rewrite due to technical difficulties; I was already thinking about the next topic for my post. Without further delay, “Welcome to my world!”

Living in the bubble!

Living in the bubble!

One (of two) of my biggest hotel/resort pet peeves:

  • COFFEE: Why are some of the most high-end hotels like, like the ones in Las Vegas, have every conceivable amenity from marble tile floors, 300 thread count sheets, Jacuzzi bath tubs, mini bars, telephones and T.V’s in the bathroom; but no fricken coffee machine?  Would it be so difficult to offer complimentary coffee in the room? Come on now, do I really have to drag myself down the hall to the elevator; after being up all night loosing two months of mortgage money at the craps table, to get a damn cup of coffee? Seriously people, even two star hotels offer that.  P.S. (side note) 1 robe for each registered guest in the room. That includes, soaps, towels, shampoo and conditions; or otherwise, I will bride the housekeeper!
Never, ever mess with me before my morning cup of joe.

Warning, never mess with a person before they’ve had at least 1 cup of coffee!

Listen, there is no way in hell I am paying $20.00 after the night I've had, to get room service to deliver a crafe of "YU-BAN-UR-ASS" this is not espresso. It's not happening!

BTW, there is no way in hell I am paying $20.00+ tip after the night I’ve had; to get room service to deliver a carafe of “YU-BAN-UR-ASS” this is not espresso. It’s not happening!

  • On the topic of beverages (non travel related, but I wanted to throw it in)…. Why do people insist on drinking all my skim milk, and not bothering to let anyone know we are out of milk completely? Better yet, can a tablespoon of milk be considered as milk being left in the jug?
  • This is more of a question then a gripe…. If airlines insist on making “larger” people buy two seats if they can not fit into one, does that mean they also get to use the larger business or first class restrooms?


  • Even for the average sized person the bathroom’s in coach feel like a bad episode of “Wipe Out”!


  • (Attention Airlines:) If I get a free non-alcoholic beverage with my tiny bag of pretzels,



Pay very special attention to the above image!!

  • Airline Meal <———– = —————->Happy-Happy, Joy-Joy Meal  (look below)
I knew that food tasted familiar!

Strangely familiar…

  • In a confined compartment like an aircraft cabin, please do not be the person who let’s your child cry for the entire 4+ hour flight……unless you feel like receiving a standing ovation when you land. (Been there, done that, NOT fun) Consider Benadryl, pacifiers, and maybe a muzzle as a last resort!(make note of this seating chart if you have any question)

    Choose you seat wisely!!

    Choose your seat wisely!!

  • If you are sitting next to or near someone with the problem above, or during any long flight, the following items are a must:
  • Earplugs, at least two small 1 serving size bottles of alcoholic beverages, a couple xanax, a pair of dark shades and a hoodie…..before you know it, you’ll be landing at your destination with no recollection of earlier event…..


  • (P.S.) Airplane CO2 Emission on sites like ITA?? Purpose?  I’m perplexed about this one. It is a “guilt” trip of sorts, on weight or traveling?? How green can air travel really be? Take a look at the chart below: Decide for yourself…
That makes more sense..

Complete confusion!

  • The last thing I can think of for the time being….(had to sneak this one in from an earlier post)! When in a restaurant for heaven’s sake do not make lemonade out of your water with lemons!!!! 🙂


What are some of your pet peeve or gripes….share them, so we can compare!


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12 Responses to You Really Want to Go There?

  1. Joe B. says:

    People who drive slow in the fast lane, people who checkout with a buggy full of food in a 15 or less lane and a teaspoon of OJ left in the jug that goes back into the frig.

  2. jeritilley says:

    Oh, this could be a VERY long list about airline complaints. Why do they give you a half sized coffee cup, then only half fill it? And after that, you have to feel like Oliver Twist and ask for more, as the original ‘cup’ was so small.

    And why is it that as I have got older, and also larger, that airlines have decided that, despite paying an ADULT fare, that they are going to give me a CHILD sized meal portion?

    And how can airlines describe the micro-sized, half filled plastic tray offerings as ‘meals’. The dessert (which is sometimes only a 3cm square pastry) is not enough as a snack even.

    The list could go on and on…….

    • Kat Bultman says:

      Hence I like to refer to them as “happy meals” minus the happy part. They don’t call it “cattle” class for nothing… I remember when I used to work at Long Beach Airport, as a ramper/cleaner (senior year in HS). We serviced Alaska Airline’s and after each flight we’d have to clean up the aircraft. Being under paid and over worked, we’d always check out the galley if we had time and before the caterer trucks would arrive to clean out what remained of the meals for the flight. Even we had our standards any bypassed coach meals for 1st. Though a lot has changed to improve service in the upper class; for the regular folks its been going down hill for a long time. They really need to start thinking about which side their bread is buttered on. A thought about this actually crossed my mind a few days ago, funny enough. I said to my mom, I’m going to pack a shit load of snack bags with pretzels the next time I fly and pass them out to the entire coach cabin. Think they would have a problem with that?

      • jeritilley says:

        Interesting that it is sometimes referred to as ‘cattle class’. We are herded into pens before departure, just like cattle, then ushered down a passage like animals heading for another pen, then squashed into a small space like battery hens. And they even refer to the doors as ‘gates’, the same as animals go through on farms.

        And the worst thing, they actually try and make us believe that flying is glamorous. Once perhaps, but not now, at least, not in economy class.

      • Kat Bultman says:

        I’ve come to the conclusion that I am not going to travel anymore….until I do so in business or better. From now on it’s quality over quantity; guess I’ll be grounded for a long time.. 🙂

      • jeritilley says:

        And now with the ‘security’ checks then even getting onto an aircraft is far from pleasant. It is a wonder that so many people are putting up with such bad and unpleasant treatment.

      • Kat Bultman says:

        It is the world we live in these days, sadly… Full body scans are just the beginning I’m afraid!

      • Kat Bultman says:

        Speaking of security checks. I have something special to post, I think you’ll get a kick out on it!

      • jeritilley says:

        I did read in the news about internal body checks, hope that these are not what you are referring to. The day that internal body cavity checks start is the day that I stop flying. Already the security checks are beyond reason, and I do not fly to or via the USA any longer because of them.

      • Kat Bultman says:

        There is something going on with wordpress or it’s just me, so I’m not sure u got my reply??

      • Kat Bultman says:

        Did you read my reply thought, something is up with my word press, I said I didn’t think they would take it that far; or something to that effect.

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