What Are You Complaining About…News in Review!

Whaaaa..Whaaa…so you had a bad week, so did a lot of other people!


I’m pretty sure I know what the caption says; if not it’s close enough!!

Today is now Vent Day and a wrap up of the ridicules shit I’ve read and heard online and T.V.

Going directly into the “Litter Box“.

Trending Now (Saturday May 25, 2013)

Shall we begin? The trending events this morning/now afternoon are:

1. Hangover 3:  As much as I enjoy hearing about drunk escapades at bachelor parties; especially ones that include Las Vegas and Brandley Cooper.  Enough is enough already people.  We get the picture, the wolf pack out and about, minding their own business and just like the full moon, trouble entails…excreta, excreta…please help yourselves to filling in the blanks… #1 trending…geeze!!

2. The Fosters:  Oh look another ABC family series….wonder what this could be about? A F-A-M-I-L-Y??  Ding-Ding you won a prize, what a surprise; now all you have to do is correctly guess how long this will last??

3. Justin Bieber:  Please lord, don’t go there…anywhere but there…  SIGHS…Is it another girlfriend?  Temper tantrum?  New hair do?  Come on give me a hint?? Something about a concert??  Getting warm Kat!!  No show or late??  Annnnd it’s late again!  Yes, poor little Justin just can’t get a break, even:

Jon Bon Jovi Slams Justin Bieber: ‘You’re An A**hole’ For Starting Shows Late  (The Huffington Post)

That is pretty bad when even Bon Jovi slams you.  Can we say Taylor Swift “Trouble”??? Justin I’ gonna give you some free advice…GROW UP…you’re not 12 anymore!!

4. Amanda Bynes: (you know the actress) Amanda Bynes returns to Twitter after arrest drama  (MSN.com)  Reports the “27-year-old actress proclaimed her innocence after being booked for marijuana possession and reckless endangerment.”  Lets go ahead and ask her to check the first image on this post….and continue on: Amanda Bynes free after arrest for tossing bong out of apartment … (FOX News) “Police say actress Amanda Bynes has been arrested in midtown Manhattan after she heaved a marijuana bong out of a window.”  Out if the many places one could hide their bong…Amanda allegedly choose a window; in Manhattan. Last I checked we weren’t in Kansas anymore!

5. Earthquake: Earthquake Hazards Program  (earthquake.usg.gov) “USGS Earthquake Hazard Program, responsible for monitoring, reporting and researching earthquakes and earthquake hazards.”  At least this has something to do with news so to speak, though from my experience living in California and Hawaii; I’ve never had much if any forewarning of an earthquake before it happened.

Notice the lower we go on the list the poll positions start to shift.!(faster than Daytona on race day)

6. (1):  Memorial Day: On this complete list of “news” the only newsworthy event that was before #1, is now #6, a couple of days before Memorial Day.

7. (2): Bridge Collapse:  I remember when this happened.  I actually re-tweeted it before the nightly news special report broke in. It caught my interest because I used to live on Whidbey Island.  So I’m thinking to myself, this can not be Deception Pass…no, they said Mount Vernon. I click on Politico and catch a few tweets from other “twitters” commenting on how it’s because of the current state of our government and the lack of money going towards roads and bridges. See I don’t walk around claiming that I am some sort of genius; though I can say with relative certainty that no matter what the problem is, someone is going to bring politics into it.  A missed episode of Jersey Shore…yup must be the government using their surveillance drones, along with super Storm Sandy at work.  The rising water in the Skagit River, it’s the increase of non indigenous fish species, adding weight to the water, because of introducing genetic engineering BY THE government?? No way around it……

8.(3)  Gisele Bundchen:   Gisele Bundchen introduces ex-model sister to the world  “At a recent event in New York, Gisele posted an Instagram image with her arms wrapped around younger sister Gabi, who was once a model herself.” (MSN.com)  Yes, world, did you hear that, we need another Gisele to better humanity; not another Batman, Buddha… or Beethoven…..but a Bundchen!  Booooooooo!

9.(4)  Kellie Pickler:  Singer Kellie Pickler jives to victory on “Dancing With the Stars”  “NEW YORK (Reuters) – Country singer Kellie Pickler won the 16th season of ABC’s “Dancing With the Stars” on Tuesday night, winning over judges and TV audiences…”  Loss for words again….HUH 5-21-2013 10-35-29 AM

10.(5) Jodi Arias:   FIVE??? That’s it?  Jodi Arias jury can’t reach unanimous verdict on death penalty  (MSN.com) “Under Arizona law, a hung jury in the death penalty phase of a trial requires a new trial jury to be seated to decide the punishment.” There you have it, one and all…. Shoot, slice and dice it doesn’t matter, the law is the law and numbers 1- 9, are all above it!!

A Grumpy Kat,


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