Introduction to a Hungarian Memoir…

The Crown, Sword and Globus Cruciger of Hungary

The Crown, Sword and Globus Cruciger of Hungary (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

As I have previous stated on my blog, my topics vary greatly.  I added a new category today named “A Hungarian Memoir,” to recount some of the stories from my father’s writing.  These stories were told to us by him and written in his own words.  They recount memories of his time in a Russian P.O.W. camp and well as his youth growing up in Hungary.  Some are funny stories and some speak of hardship.  I will try my best to accurately relay the details from his handwritten manuscripts.  Comments are always welcome; though I would appreciate it, if the readers remember that it is a personal account from his point of view.

(1926-1995)- In Loving Memory,

Your Daughter


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One Response to Introduction to a Hungarian Memoir…

  1. a gray says:

    Earlier today, I asked several question of you that you needn’t answer now. I have found the beginning of the story and the questions will answer themselves as I read.

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