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Christmas in the post-War United States

Christmas in the post-War United States (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Thank you for the view’s on yesterday’s post in a series I am calling “A Hungarian Memoir.”   For those of you used to the more sarcastic or travel/humor side of me; don’t concern yourselves; I am still here, and no I have not disappeared in a depths of despair.  I write…regardless of the subject.  Throw the topics out the window.  I call it freedom and try not to get wrapped up in what is expected…..societies standards; not mine!  So yes I am butting heads with you!  Now…. I’m just curious who has the “guts” to push back??  One of the great things in life is the unexpected, the surprise; kind of like Christmas morning and opening up a box from Santa Claus… What did he bring me??  YOU WILL NEVER KNOW UNLESS YOU OPEN THE BOX!!  Remember that!!  We live in a world where checks and balances come into play (well for the most part)!  There is no happy-happy-joy-joy without the opposite!

<——Hopping off my soap box, and taking a bow!



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