Activists Fight To Make Killing #Zombies Illegal In Maine

Zombie’s everywhere; even in Maine, check out this post from the Modern Philosopher!

The Return of the Modern Philosopher

Zombie killerPolice had to break up a near riot outside of The Penobscot County Court House today when angry Bangor residents got word of a protest going on at that location.

About a dozen activists in tie dyed shirts had gathered to chant and wave signs urging Maine Lawmakers to make it illegal to kill Zombies.  Once area residents caught wind of the group and their cause, things got ugly quickly.

Luckily, law enforcement officials were already in the building and the Bangor Police Headquarters is nearby.  Officers swarmed to the area and quickly separated the two sides before the angry mob could badly injure the pro-Zombie folks.

Zombie peace“Look at the blood lust in their eyes,” screamed one protestor as a police officer led him away for his own protection.  “All they want to do is murder, and allowing them to kill Zombies without punishment is making them hungry for more…

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