I’m not a hoarder….

I’m not a Hoarder!

Thursdays afternoon, about two hours, forty-five minutes and thirty-three seconds later……

I broke down and did it.  Week after week of telling myself, “you really have to do it.”  With a dinner of saltines crackers, gummy bears, and sugar-free lemonade upon a paper plate to supply myself with ample energy, I took a deep breath and walked up the imposing wooden stairs leading into the “room” which housed the “box.”  Yes, I have a box, a wooden one to be exact; cut, engraved, and hammered together by my own hands.  I laid my food down on the desk, took a gulp of my beverage and downed a few gummies.  It was time!

GEEZZZZ….I really do hate dramatics!

Pondering, do I open it slowly or like a bandage and just rip it off?  I peaked inside.  As I had though filled to the rim, I sighed!  No turning back now, hearing the lawn mower roaring in the backyard; I have to do my part.  I wasn’t sure if the sudden chest pain was an anxiety attack or eating the wrong colored bear?

So there it was……birth, childhood, marriage, children, career, vacations, achievements, how did it all fit?  Pile after pile of cards from birthdays to anniversary’s.  Why did I need my immunization record from childbirth?  Airline ticket stubs???  TWA, Continental, Northwest, Alaska, Malev….there no Malev anymore??  My t-shirt from boot camp; okay maybe and yes the other one it proves I was an official “Rat Dog Diver” in Hawaii!!  Let’s see what else?  Oh do I really need reminders of how my mother dressed me up in a poncho and little dresses from “Beauty and the Beast?”  Shaking my head in disbelief.  I’m definitely taking a picture of this or no one will believe me. Wait, isn’t that the real reason I decided to do this, to find those old black and white photos?  I guess the term history repeating itself is a valid saying!

One hour and thirty-eight+ minutes later; where did the damn remote control go?  Surveying the landscape known as a bedroom, if each pile was a hole I’d be looking at the moon!   I forge on, I’m not a quitter; not this early in the game anyway, I will conquer and defeat, dispose of useless items, organize everything neatly and return it ALL to its rightful order!!  WHO THE HELL AM I KIDDING???  🙂

IMG_8804 (2)  <——See…Your welcome Randy for helping to come up with the graphics!

IMG_8805 (2) <—– I admit wasn’t one of my best pieces of work!

IMG_8808 (2) <—–More proof MOM….now what do I do with it?

IMG_8810 (2) <—–Need more??

IMG_8844 (2)  <—-I threw this in here to prove not everyone is crazy about a “big” guy in a red suit with a long stinky beard!

See ya all next week! ~Kat

FYI-It’s called a hope chest, in case you were wondering!  🙂


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