Cloudy With A Chance of Goulash!



A wall showing how much a single barrel will f...

A wall showing how much a single barrel will fill at the Jack Daniel’s Distillery in Lynchburg, Tennessee, USA. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

English: Sziget

English: Sziget (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

“The weekly wrap of news and events.”

It’s been an interesting and long week here at the “Polar Zone.”  Cloudy, muggy, with rain and thunder storms.  Not a great environment for motivation in the blog department, but I shall try my very best to wrap up the weeks events and news from home and afar.

1.  In the travel department for those who have not heard already the big news of the week is the changes at Delta Airline and their Medallion program (MQM) for frequent flyers.  My inbox was flooded with reports from various sources with conflicting interpretation’s.  I’m not going to bore you with too many detail.  MQM earning status is going to change later this year with Delta’s partner airlines, along with the current implementations of spending minimums and not just miles flown.  This has most Medallion members up in arms and ready to jump ship.  Even though this was predicted by some, I wager it’s going to be the trend from now on, “the revenge of the sky peso’s.” If you’re interested in more details you might want to visit the Boarding Area or the Delta Airlines site for specifics.

2.  On the Polar Zone Blog front.  Yes, some of you may have noticed I have changed “themes” yet again!  I know, I know not.  I am never happy with good enough, so I tinker with formats, categories and tags.  I can promise this will be the last but that would be untrue.  This is a learning process for me as a newbie; and I have plenty more to learn about WordPress.  Links are back on the main page again, with some new ones added. Some feedback would be great!!

3.  Interested in attending the Sziget Festival  “The Island of Freedom” this year, day 0 line ups/program announced.  The alternative rock band “Quimby” will hit the main stage. For more information and tickets visit:

4.  In non related news, I’ve come to the following conclusions:

  • The reason my water bill has gone up is because my kids take long showers.
  • Neko (a.k.a. demon spawns cat) does not like thunder and lightning, equaling to the new scratch marks on my arm; but doesn’t mind when I rub medicine in his ears. (strange)
  • When making Jack Daniel’s BBQ Sauce for grilling hamburgers, do not drink the Jack Daniel’s first.
  • I need to bite the bullet, stop turning the house upside down to find my picture CD’s and just send them off to get copies made and put on new CD’s.
  • And finally stop watching RHOC or RHNJ so save the few brain cells I have left in my head; besides Hannibal is better.
  • People with Handicap signs hanging from their rear view mirror who are able to walk up and down a buffet line without any problems do not need to park in a Handicap parking stall!
  • There is no reason for a toilet paper holder if the individuals in your household just place the new roll on top of the empty roll without changing it.

5.  Did I mention, as seen in the news, “do not heckle the First Lady,” and I really need a vacation!!



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