So…You think you have us figured out?

Thank you fellow blogger!  I’d been sitting here wondering what to write about since early Friday.  Then I read your blog and thought to myself “bingo” reply!  Honestly I agreed with most of what you said but it was only fair that I point out a few items on the flip side.  Are women crazy?  Sure we are!  Are men crazy?  You betcha!  How do I come to that conclusion?  The same way you did.  If a person is aware of what they are doing and the expected results or consequences of those actions, I would say that pretty much knocks them out of the insane group, well criminally anyway….or maybe not!

Lets take example (A):  (I love my examples) It is “assumed” men don’t like to argue, and women do, but what is the reasoning behind it?  (M) as in man/men knows his golf game comes on at 2:00 p.m., but also knows that he works too much, is never at home and it’s the weekend.  (W) as in woman/women knows what time of the year it is and that (M) is a big golf fan. (W) also knows it’s the weekend and (M) works too much and is never at home.  It’s about 1:00 p.m. and (W) hears the garage door open.  In about 2-5 minutes (M) will come upstairs, say “hello Honey,” and ask how the day went.  Then (M) will ask if (W) has any plans for the day?  Right on cue!  That is your first hint Ladies.  Do they really want to know what you are doing or are they “testing” the water?  You know as well as (M) does what day it is and the casual glance to the watch, which (M) thinks you haven’t noticed, isn’t helping any! This is where (W) says to herself, “I’m on a time schedule huh, like some appointment” well you better call in, cause you’re gonna be LATE!

In the meanwhile, in the (M) mind the rusty wheels start turning a little faster.  “Was there something I promised to do today, or pick up at the store?”  The point where both (M) and (W) are running scenario’s, outcomes, odds, like a bookie.  A game of leverage.  What is the 2:00 p.m. golf game with Tiger Wood’s worth (M) contemplates?  Do I want a back massage, or the garage cleaned out, maybe a nice sandwich or something (W)?  Or maybe I’m just so ticked off (M) is trying to play me again that YES I’m going to start an argument, ramble on about my hair or nails or anything else that comes to mind and make sure (M) misses that once in a lifetime birdie on the FIRST HOLE!!  That will teach (M) not to make (W) feel like last years handbag accessories.  What do they say about payback…. now who’s crazy??

I rest my case for the time being….



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