Hungary Visitor’s Gallery

These are pictures I’ve taken of the various places over the years in Hungary; near and in the city of Tokaj.

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Summary of Images:  Sarospatak, this North-western Hungarian town situated where the region called Tokajhegyalja and the Great Hungarian Plain meet, along the banks of the Bodrog, an affluent of the Tisza.  It’s historical town center is surrounded by a strong fortress wall and a deep ditch.  Buildings originating from the Middle Ages, a well fortified palace and a closed courtyard at its corner.  In the opposite direction, by the side of the northern fortress wall is an ancient church.

The Fortress/Castle of Szabolcs (know as Fold Var), located in Szabolcs-Szatmar-Bereg County of Hungary. about 6km north of Rakamaz.  According to historical information the fortress was built in the 9th-10th century.  The story goes according to Gesta, Hungarorum:

Then Szabolcs, a resourceful man, while inspecting a place besides the Tisza, saw the lie of the place and realized it to be very well placed for a castle.  With the common council of his companions and having assembled the men of the country, he had a great moat dug out and built a very strong earthwork, which is now called the castle of Szabolcs.

Regardless, the perimeter of the earth fort is accessible, allowing visitors a chance to walk around the exterior and access the basin; which holds gravestones from different ages. The view extends for miles in all directions.

Tokaj Museum:  Located in the town of Tokaj on Bethlem Gabor Utca. exhibits include wine making and growing history in Tokaj from production to transport, labeling, tools and different vintages.  There is a cellar located below the museum, bottles of wine from various wine companies.  The building was built in the 1790’s.

Other attractions and places I have visited in the area include:  The Cave Baths of Miscolc Tapolca, Castle of Diogyor, Lillifured, Dobo Square, Eger Castle, Zoo Sosto (Nyiregyhaza Zoo), to name a few. If you would like any first hand information on nearby points of interest please feel free to ask!

More information and photographs in the future….



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6 Responses to Hungary Visitor’s Gallery

  1. Great post. I love Hungary. I’ve been on holiday the last two years to Budapest and Balatonfured and am going again this year. Such a beautiful country!

    • Kat Bultman says:

      Thank you! We have a family home in Tokaj, so I try to get there every other year or so. Where are you going this year in Hungary?

      • Back to Budapest and Fured again. My boyfriend is Hungarian and his mother owns a house out by the lake which we are renting for a week. I’d love to do more of a tour of the rest of Hungary some time.

      • Kat Bultman says:

        Sounds great, you should…many places to visit, I never get bored even after all these years! Funny enough the one place I have not visited, (don’t laugh) is the Balaton! Maybe it’s the whole beach thing, lol…I’ll make it out there eventually!

      • Ah you should. There is so much more to discover by the Balaton other than just the beach. We’ve visited taken some great walks through forests and up volcanos by the Balaton before

      • Kat Bultman says:

        I know, and my cousin has/had a place there too; I’ll make it a point now, on my next trip!

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