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I’m still trying to figure out how to add a badge, lol…so I reblogged it! Thanks again!


So you may know,always-here-if-you-need-me1from the balcony she watched over me, perhaps aware of my need for redemption. She kept me going by her strength of inspiration. Thank you, ellespeth.

This blog award is for those bloggers out there who are especially caring and loyal to their friends. This award is to thank you for being there with me, through good times and bad. And for going above and beyond the call of duty to cheer me up when I was low.

Post a picture of the award somewhere on your blog.
List five things that make you happy.
Choose 5 people to nominate who have been a virtual shoulder to cry on, checked in on you when they knew things were rough, or has always been there for you.
Comment on their blogs to thank them and let them know you nominated you.

There are a lot…

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