Mid Week Catch Up News!

Wow it’s only Wednesday and its seems like the week has dragged.  Dragging towards what, the weekend I guess!  So for my next “performance” I’m going to do a pot-luck of things.  If your head isn’t spinning with all the variations of posts on this blog, then maybe I’m not doing my job right!  Lets get down to business! One Person Per Day

  • Hungary News:  My “humble” impressions of it.  I’ve read a lot of reports from news agencies, blogs, twitter, etc., about the current conditions in Hungary.  Two items in particular have dominated the news feeds.  One being the record-breaking floods in Budapest along the Danube.  The other in the political arena of Hungary, the prime minister and the EU.  As to the latter, though I do not live in Hungary, each and every one of my relatives do, the exception being my two siblings and a couple of cousins.  I decided to call my mother and some other people who do live in the country and ask them point-blank what was going on with all the talk in the news.  Was I missing something?  I am not saying the responses I received are the majority; they are only some opinions from everyday Hungarians; with no political agenda.  In their opinions it’s “shit” (in Hungarian), and that the foreign press is making it more than it is.  In addition their feelings and views toward the EU in general are not very favorable; as a matter of fact those asked believed it was a “big mistake.” Interpret that the way you wish, we are all entitled to our opinions.
  • Paprikas Csirke (Chicken Paprikas):  A request by a reader to include some Hungarian recipes.  Besides what was passed down, I refer to an old Hungarian Cook Book from 1961, that was given to me.  This is one of my personal and my families favorite Hungarian dishes.
    • 31/2 -4 lb. Chicken (I use boneless/skinless thighs)
    • 1- 1 1/2 Large Onion
    • 1-2 Tablespoon Shortening (Vegetable oil otherwise)
    • Salt & Pepper to taste
    • 1 teaspoon or more Paprika (to taste, hot, mid, combo)
    • 1-2 Bay Leaves
    • 1 Cup Water
    • 1 pint Sour Cream
  • Cut chicken into parts to cook.  Dice onions and brown in shortening or oil, then add Paprika (do not burn), low-medium heat.  Add chicken, seasonings and water. (water amount varies on quantity; add enough to cover chicken)
  • Cover and simmer until tender (about 1 hour, depending on what type of chicken you use and if it is boneless or not.)
  • This can be eaten as, or, if cream is desired.
  • Take 1-2 Tablespoons flour and mix with 1/2 to 1 pint sour cream. (thickening agent) whisk well to remove lumps!
  • Add cream mixture to chicken and bring to a slow boil. (I’d say 1/2 hour or so)
  • Usually the bay leaves are added after the sour cream for flavoring (personal taste).  Be sure to remove them before serving….(choking hazard).
  • Serve with egg noodles or traditional Hungarian noodles/dumplings (Nokedli)

My boys love it when I make this dish!!

  • Next installment of “A Hungarian Memoir” entitled The Front, scheduled for tomorrow.  This will be the last of this series of post for the week; then on Monday we continue with “The Journey To Russia.”

A little airline humor for a reader I promised to include, so here is:


  • Another quick reminder…..I’ve started setting up my photo’s on Flickr.  The is a Flickr Widget on the bottom right of the main page, if you would like to check out the images.  Lot’s of Hungary, travel, cultural, festival, etc. pictures in the photo stream.  I’ll be labeling them for sometime to come, but 1 terabyte was too good to turn down.  Let me know if you have problems accessing them.

Last but definitely not least I had to include this photo of Neko, aka “the Demon Cat” when he was a baby and in the words of hubby, “sweet and cuddly.”  I wouldn’t say that exactly, you decide…..

Little Neko

Little Neko

Until next time…..


P.S. Dang it going to be hot here in the south…UGH!!


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