Sea Shells

A poem I wrote back in 1990… For those that are feeling alone, you’re not.

“Sea Shells”

by Katalin Bultman

Sometimes I wish I could leave this place,

for at times it’s hard to look the world in the face.

I wish I could travel to a long-lost land

and be like a sea shell on the sun warmed sand.

I could see the tide, as it comes and goes

and the sand that remains, as it shines and glows.

The current pulls me closer to its reach,

my journey continues from this long-lost beach.

In the ocean I’d be tumbled and tossed;

in the eyes of others missing and lost.

But in my heart and in my eyes,

I’d discover the splendid beauty,

within the ocean that lies.

And like always my journey shall end,

another long-lost beach,

my sea shell descends.


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