I joined the Navy to see the world….

English: US Navy Engineman (EN). A gear.

English: US Navy Engineman (EN). A gear. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I joined the navy to see the world, what did I see I saw the…..dry-dock?  I woke up this morning with the urge to tell a short navy story.  Yes I was in the United States Navy.  Right out of high school, well before I even graduated I decided college wasn’t for me, but the navy and traveling was.  No I will not admit it had anything to do with the movie “Top Gun.”  Okay, maybe a bit, though I knew I wasn’t going to fly jets or anything; working on them sounded pretty awesome.  I qualified, at least that’s what the test I took said.  Sadly, there was no school openings for Aviation Machinist Mate and the only school I could have taken was “weather-guesser.”  For those not familiar with the term it’s like that man or woman on the news talking to the blue screen, with the little button pretending he or she knows it’s going to rain tomorrow, when it isn’t.

So I decided with encouragement from my recruiter (cough) to enter the Fireman Apprenticeship Program, where I could decide later on, which career path I wanted to take (cough again).  Sounded good….at the time!

At Disneyworld after graduation

At Disneyworld after graduation, I’m next to Goofy on the right!

Blah…Blah..Blah, graduated from boot camp, went to apprenticeship school, and got my first pick of duty stations…Hawaii…SCORE!  I was gonna be stationed on a submarine dry-dock, now how cool is that?  Since I was a “FR” (Fireman Recruit), they put me in A-Gang (engineering), to learn the ropes.  Regardless if I was working on aircraft engines or diesel engines it was experience I needed.

This is where the problem began.  I hate to say it, but I was pretty damn good at my job, so when I put in for some temporary duty at the air station, there was some (how do I word it) resistance.  A call to daddy, and his hot-headed ways along with talk of writing congressman and senators seems to have put things in motion; temporarily anyway.

I got what I wanted, sort of, and temporary duty for one month at the squadron working with the airman.  Got all my PQS paperwork signed off and even got a ride along on a C-130 flight.  Now this is what I’m talking about……(thinking then).  Yeah well, tempers and letters only go so far, especially if your department is under-manned. It didn’t help that somebody neglected to fill out the proper paperwork for my “flight.”  Saying that I almost crapped my work coveralls when they called me to the commanding officer’s office and told I had to meet with the real NCIS is an understatement….  Yeah, having to give them the names of every relative I could think of that lived in Hungary (pre-Iron Curtain) along with other details had me in an utter state of panic.

Fortunately I made it through that ordeal too, though my dreams of life as an aircraft mechanic vanished.  I got over it….but my parents had a harder time.  I found out later, when people asked them what their daughter did in the navy, I was significantly demoted from a Engineman 2nd Class to a…..”secretary” of the engineering officer.  I have nothing against yeoman, one of my best friends in the navy was one, but damn I didn’t work in diesel oil and pump-room hell for nothing.  Why is it so embarrassing to tell people your daughter is a mechanic?  Not a typical job people associate with women; regardless I was proud of the fact I could go head to head with the boys in A-Gang; and I have pictures to prove it!!!  Kat~

Engineman 2nd Class

Up 24 hours after a crane inspection; bad hair day, dirty and ready to hit the rack!

P.S.  I didn’t see the world, but Hawaii was not a bad runner-up!


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12 Responses to I joined the Navy to see the world….

  1. sisteranan says:

    I think you did pretty well, actually! What made you decide to leave the Navy?

  2. Ron says:

    I’m a military retiree. I understand what happened. I actually did background checks for security clearances while with the Air Force OSI (Office of Special Investigations).

  3. Ron says:

    There’s a good chance you could have encountered my wife. She saw almost all the recruits at one time or another at her clinic (Dermatology). It was mandatory thing for all recruits in Nuclear Power. School. I was in previously in the Air Force (61 to 81). We were stationed all over the place, New England, the Philippines, California, Michigan, Germany, and New Mexico. Moved to FL later. Many great memories. Thanks for following my blog.

    • magyarok27 says:

      I might have, I don’t remember going to Dermatology in particular, but u never know. Wasn’t in the nuke program; my son was offered it, but passed. And thank you too for the follow!

  4. Sounds like you had an amazing adventure! NCIS would have made me pee my pants.

    • magyarok27 says:

      It might have, it was a while back (laughs). But at the time I think I was already planning a escape route somewhere if things went really bad! 🙂

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