Why Sunday’s Suck….

Before I get a flood of comments about the religious aspects of Sunday; I want to make it clear this post has nothing to do with that topic.  I loosely call it satire….Why do Sunday’s suck?  Besides the obvious that tomorrow is MONDAY!  The start of the dreaded work week for most, I think we all kind of get ripped off on Sundays.  Sunday is included in what we call the weekend, but how much can you really do knowing that you have to go to work tomorrow.  Hotel’s don’t charge outrageous rates for Sundays, because they know most if not all will be checking out that day.  Airlines discount flights on Sundays, which isn’t necessarily bad in the grand scheme to things.English: A broadside setting out the list the ...

Most don’t go out late on Sunday nights because of WORK….  If you’re not mowing the lawn then you are watching sports most likely; which equals lazy couch potato day.

Sundays were okay when Game of Thorns was on, now it’s True Blood, which is okay too.  Maybe we need to do something like an Aloha Friday (1/2 day) to extend the weekend a bit, or late start Mondays.

I don’t know I find it depressing (sighs)….  You look forward to the weekend all week-long, and when it arrived…BOOM, it’s over before you know it.  And don’t even get me started on Sunday Brunch!!!  So what’s your thoughts and suggestions on extending the weekend??  In any event I might as well start-up the grill and at least make a meal out of it!!  Monday is sneaking up quick!

Game of Thrones (soundtrack)


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8 Responses to Why Sunday’s Suck….

  1. sisteranan says:

    When i was travelling through Europe, i noticed that everything in town was closed except the cathedrals. Smacks of a conspiracy to me lol…

    As for the Sunday/Monday switchover, that’s a tough one. When we come home on Friday, it takes such a long time to come back to being ourselves again. Of course we don’t want to leave our personal lives to take up battle with the world again.

    But i found that if i took one small thing with me as sort of a mental passport from one day to the other… like a book i was reading that could be picked up on the lunch hour… or if i wore one item of clothing from that fabulous picnic in the park, something like that… it helped me to remember who i really was, even in the middle of business.

    I hope your adjustment into the new week is a happy one!

  2. Ron says:

    I prefer a seven day weekend.

  3. jeritilley says:

    Mondays are a terrible way to spend 1/7th of your life !!


  4. True Blood does make Sundays better.

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