Cat, Dog, Kat

Some of you have heard of Neko “the demon cat” but most are not familiar with Cosmo.  Cosmo is my dog, which I’ve had for 14-15 years now.  He’s a character in his own way.

Typical morning interaction:

Kat:  “Come on Cos, let’s go outside and go potty.”

Dog:  wag-wag, waddle-waddle to the back door.

Treat, where's the treat?

Treat, where’s the treat?

Cat: Stretching out on MY patio chair….oh it’s just them, yawn, back to sleep.

Kat:  “Okay Cos, go poop and get a treat, come on.”

Dog:  Nope not this spot, nope not this spot either, sniff here, sniff there, sniff the air, turn in circles.

Taking a catnap here people, keep it down!

Taking a catnap here people, keep it down!

Cat: Glance up, this is getting really old.

Kat:  “Come on Cos, no poop, no treat!”

Dog:  I’m looking, I’m looking, stop rushing me…….Squat.

Kat:  “Good Cossy, good boy…you get a treat.”

Cat:  About damn time….

Dog:  Oh boy, oh boy, I get a treat, I get a treat, wag, wag, let me back in!

Kat:  “Go inside Cos, I’ll be in, in a minute” Open door, let dog back in-house.

Dog:  REALLY?  Now I have to wait….


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