Dive at the Arizona Memorial!

I was told this wasn’t showing up in mail, so I decided to reblog it myself, hope it works!

The Polar Zone

I never thought I’d be sitting here writing a post on this.  Now that I think about it, back then I never thought the possibility existed.  I’ve rummaged through my dive logs for a while now and feared the worse.  When I was diving, I was very diligent about logging everything.  Luckily I also had a back up system, my dive watch, which I did manage to find.

March 7, 1998, was my day to experience a piece of history.  I was working at a local dive shop in Pearl City, Hawaii.  I was there all day, because we were having one of those big blow out sales on dive equipment, etc. I can’t remember exactly, if it was due to excess inventory or downsizing; I guess it really doesn’t matter.

We were really busy, when a friend of mine came in.  Ken worked part-time in the dive shop with…

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