The Weekly Wrap, June 28, 2013 (Friday)

I am talking to you!

I am talking to you! (Photo Credit: Katalin Bultman)

The weekly news and events, all wrapped up in a nice little bow!

Here at the ZONE…we try to keep you updated on current event!!  If not we have to answer to <——HIM!

Local Polar Zone New:

  • Not much… as usual, Part 4 of Hungarian Memoirs posts on Monday.  Working on a schedule for posts.

In Travel News:

  • Hyatt and MGM Partnership!  You can now earn both Hyatt Gold Passport points and status at the same time that you accumulate M life tier credits at participating MGM Resorts in Las Vegas.  MGM Resorts (Mirage, Aria, Bellagio, etc.) operates M Life, Sands (Venetian and Palazzo) operates Grazi, and Caesars Entertainment (Caesars, Harrah’s, Paris, etc.) operates Total Rewards. Each of these programs evolved from the casinos’ desire to standardize comps and other rewards for their most prolific gamblers. You can earn credits based on how much you bet and redeem them for free or discounted rooms, but you can also earn credits for hotel stays and other purchases and redeem them for all kinds of things.  Don’t forget about MyVegas online games, to earn free and discounted rooms, show tickets, dinner, VIP club access, etc.  Hack My Trip has a great article with all the details on this too!!

    MGM Resort, Las Vegas

    MGM Resort, Las Vegas

  • Speaking of Las Vegas, Joe Rogan Live, Friday July 5th at the Hard Rock Hotel.  If your up for some comedy while your there, check it out!


  • Vajdahunyadvar Summer Music Festival: 11th July-8th August 2013 Venue: City Park (Városliget-Vajdahunyadvár), M1 underground, Hősök tere stop. The mock castle of Vajdahunyad in City Park hosts a series of classical music klezmer, swing and gypsy music concerts in the middle of summer.
  • Balaton Sound: 2013 July 11-14th, (Zamárdi Szabadstrand Hungary.) Line-up can be found at the Balaton Sound website.

The Weeks Trending New: (aka my two cents worth):

  • Paula Deen:  Where do I begin?  On the news stations, posts by other bloggers….really?  Who really gives a crap, obviously a lot of people…  Okay, she said the “N” word, not a good thing.  She got caught and admitted to it, isn’t helpful.  Say your sorry, move on….stop making it headline news, cause  many other things need more immediate attention.  Having said that, regardless if she said it once, twice, or a dozen times; let not sit here on our “high horses” and claim we’ve never said something that was un-proper or not P.C.  White, Black, Hispanic, Asian, etc. we all know we are guilty in one form or another. If it was a joke, between friends, a slip of the tongue, in a lyric or out of plain old ignorance.  Not saying it’s right or wrong, it just depends on context.  I do not feel comfortable around people who use demeaning words about someone’s culture or race…BUT I’m not a prude either, and depending who you’re speaking too and how well you know each other…all roads do not lead to racism….  Trust me I’ve heard my fair share of Hungarian jokes, and yes I find most of them amusing, so stop getting your panties in an uproar!  One last thing; there was also talk about her wanting to hire an all black wait staff at her brother’s wedding or something. My opinion on that….if you feel it is degrading then don’t fricking do it….otherwise if you do and collect a nice little check, you have no room to complain!!
  • Andrew Zimmerman Trial: I have absolutely no clue about what the hell is going on in cross-examination.  The only words I can think of is how many times can you ask the same question over and over and over; my ears are dizzy!  Oh and yeah some people just might think that “creepy ass cracker” is offensive; just saying!  YES SIR, NO SIR!!
  • North West: Yes, this news maybe a little old but really??  Sure mom/dad, I would love to be named after a compass heading, and maybe if I get a little sister of brother down the line we can call him South West.  I swear only celebrities can get away with this.  Can you image how much grief a regular kid with regular parents would get in school??  Move over Apple and Peach, you have company! UGHHHHH
  • Supreme Court Ruling: Life will go on, no matter which side you’re on!
  • James Galdolfini laid to rest: Yesterday, funeral services were held for James Gandolfini, who died at age 51 of a heart attack, according to Italian officials.
  • James Gandolfini’s Funeral: Friends & Family Bid Farewell To ‘Sopranos’ Star (
  • James Gandolfini funeral: David Chase, ‘Sopranos’ creator, says actor was ‘a good boy’ (

That’s about it from The Polar Zone for the week.  Independence Day is around the corner, celebrate responsibly.  Remember comments, contributions, links, are always welcome! ~Kat


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