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The Week Book Challenge

I was cleaning up my office yesterday; putting books back on the shelf and thought it would be interesting/fun to see what is on everybody else’s book shelf.  This is an interactive post!  Name 1-10 books of various subjects or … Continue reading

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Poppy Seed Cake of Hajdusag

Interesting enough, I never knew that poppy-seed cake is specifically associated with a certain region of Hungary.  In the old Hungarian cook book I’ve referred to in my last two recipe postings, it seems that North-Eastern Hungary and Hajdusag has their own version.  … Continue reading

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A Hungarian Memoir, P.O.W. Part 8

(This particular story of my fathers is one of the longest and most retold over the years.  I will break it down in a series of posts. ~Kati) “The Potato Story, Chapter 1” The previous night I didn’t sleep well.  … Continue reading

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Self Reflection

I woke up this morning, seeing the light was shinning in the window.  A sudden wave of anxiety hit me and I popped up to look at the clock and see what time it was.  It was only 8 a.m. … Continue reading

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Sunday Humor

A series of images and food for thought!  I never get tired of this stuff!  :-)-

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