Captured in Time (Take Two)

Captured in Time.  I hope I got it right this time…..Take TWO!!

Here is my link to the very sweet person who gave me this award: Belsbror.

Best Moment Award Winner

Best Moment Award Winner

As for the rules:
1. Display the award logo,
2. Link back to the person who nominated you,
3. State 7 things about yourself, and
4. Nominate 15 (or however many you can) other bloggers for this award.
Seven (7) of my best moments I held dear to my heart.
1. The birth of my first son (I’m a mom)
2. The birth of the second son (I’m a mom again)
3. My hubby for putting up with me all these years. (I’m married)
4. Winter time in upstate N.Y. (I like snow)
5. My first camera (a Photographer)
6. Family Reunion in Hungary (proud of my heritage)
7. Getting my Divemaster Certification (I love diving)
I nominate: 
By the Mighty Mumford

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