The Early Week Wrap, Hungary and other News!

With the 4th of July on Thursday I am posting the “Weekly Wrap” early this week. 

English: Decoration for the 4th of July

English: Decoration for the 4th of July (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Hungarian News:

  • Hungarian Heritage Program opens at the Smithsonian Festival (Hungarian Folklife Festival)  Roots to Rival-Hungarian Heritage July 3rd-7th, 2013.
  • “The Hungarian Heritage: Roots to Revival program demonstrates not only the diversity and authenticity of contemporary traditions in music, dance, arts and crafts, gastronomy, and family life, but also the significance of the Hungarian folk revival movement worldwide. Featuring highly skilled masters and apprentices from rural areas, as well as musicians, dancers, and artisans from more urban settings, the Festival program highlights the vitality of this culture, as well as the strength it derives from the reinterpretation of traditions.”

For more information: Hungarian Heritage Festival

  • Hungarian Cultural Institute to open in Beijing according to the Hungarian Register (Nemzeti Regiszter)

“It was announced that a Hungarian Cultural Institute will be opened in Beijing in addition to which the Chinese-Hungarian and Hungarian-Chinese dictionaries will be available in Hungary again for the first time in 10 years.”

For more information please visit the link above.

  • Hegyalja Festival has ended for the year.  For those of you interested in some of the highlights and interviews, check out: (Filmben összefoglalva): Hegy’ TV  at You Tube.  Photo’s are available for viewing at: The Hegyalja Festival Gallery  A special thank you to Saliga Enikő of  Wolf Kommunikacio for the festival updates and hopefully I will be able to make it next year!
  • Sziget Festival News:  A little more than a month away. If you are attending with press credentials, time is almost up to submit your applications (two weeks left). The most recent press release has the following information of interest:

The Island of Freedom – Yeni Raki Roma Tent (Via the press office)

  • One of the most vibrant venues at Europe’s most exciting and colorful festival is the home of the international Roma music culture, the Yeni Raki Roma Tent. And this year the venue will be even more attractive! The magnificent line-up includes an Indian circus, Dutch pop-reggae-folk, French guitar music, Italian punk-dub-tarantella and classical hits mixed with authentic czardas, bossa nova, French manouche swing, tango and jazz. It is for sure worth to check out the venue every day.
  • The début concerts of the pupils of the Snétberger Music Talent Center will be another regular programme at the venue. The talent center is led by the famous Liszt Award winning guitar player Ferenc Snétberger who is of Roma origin. Since its start in 2011 the center yearly helps 60 talented young Roma musicians between the age of 12-20 to fulfil their musical dreams.
  • Béla Kása has explored the most hidden villages of Transylvania and certain regions of India mainly populated by Romas since 1973. For more than 30 years now he has photographed the musicians, shepherds and dancers he encounters on his journeys. For years now his photos are exhibited at the tent allowing us to meet up with travelling Roma from Romania and India as well as the late great Transylvanian musicians who are still looking back at us from these pictures.
  • Tradinnovazione, or reinvented tradition could be the motto of the music made by Mascarimiri coming from Salerno in South Italy.  It will be their first time in Hungary presenting their punk-dub-tarantella project called Gitanistan that is an exciting mixture created from the influences of the past and the present. 
  • On the early evening of Friday you can listen to the young and innovative Hungarian 7-piece Harmonia Garden and their special mix of genres. In this unusual “garden” you will find classical hits mixed with authentic czardas, bossa nova, French manouche, swing, tango and jazz.
  • Legendary Roma violinist, the 65 year old Venzi Takev meets the best Bulgarian beatboxer and singer, the 23 year old Skiller in this encounter of the generations. Accompanied by two remarkable musicians Nikolai Ivanov and Kolio Ivanov they form Balkan Khans. Their music is unpredictable, explosive, mysterious and vibrant. This original sound is comprised by the exciting harmony between vocals, keyboard, violin, Bulgarian bagpipe and the tupan.
  • Stay tuned in the upcoming weeks as there are more names and productions to come for the 2013 Sziget!
  • Check out the teaser video on the following link: 27th June, 2013  Further information and tickets available at

U.S. 4th of July Festivities:  I wanted to throw this in here, because I recently took to trip to this resort in April and I highly recommend it! (If your in Florida)

  • “Red, White and Boom” at the Renaissance World Golf Village Resort, in St. Augustine, Florida.  More information contact: RENWGV.Com 

    View from our hotel room balcony of the World Golf Hall of Fame

    View from our hotel room balcony of the World Golf Hall of Fame

A great place if you’re in the area, and for those major golf fans out there!!

MarriotT Renaissance Hotel Exterior View

Marriott Renaissance Hotel Exterior View

Awesome rooms, short drive from downtown St. Augustine, with top rate golf courses on site.

Last but not least some local Atlanta News:

  • Peachtree Road Race :

    Be one of 150,000 spectators cheering on the 55,000 participants in the nation’s second-largest race. The Peachtree Road Race takes place along the course’s ten-kilometer route from Peachtree Road at Lenox Square Mall to Piedmont Park.

  • 4th of July Firework Displays

    Centennial Olympic Park and the Atlanta Braves illuminate the skies over downtown Atlanta with a pair of vibrant firework displays each Fourth of July. Enjoy food and fun from noon until night at Centennial Olympic Park, or celebrate with America’s Pastime by rooting on the Braves at Turner Field. Park gates open at 6 p.m. and fireworks start at approximately 9:40 p.m.

  • Fantastic Fourth Celebration: Don’t miss the 46th Annual Fantastic Fourth Celebration! The Atlanta Journal-Constitution readers have voted Stone Mountain Park as the best place in Atlanta to enjoy fireworks during the Fourth of July holiday. Enjoy the Lasershow Spectacular in Mountainvision followed by a special, patriotic fireworks finale on both nights! Included with $10 daily parking permit or $35 annual parking permit. Event Website: Stone Mountain Park
  • Location: Stone Mountain Park
    Highway 78 East
    Stone Mountain, GA 30086

Don’t drink and drive….Celebrate responsibly!!  That’s a wrap from “The Polar Zone!”  

4th of july table

4th of july table (Photo credit: by golly molly)

Something you want added in the weekly wrap, don’t be shy, let me know!  Kat 🙂


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