Pictures from the Past…

Images from the past bring up memories from the past.  When times, people and places seem much simpler then the fast paced world we live in today. Even photography as a medium has changed.  For most the days of dark rooms, black and white photo’s and sepia have taken a backseat to the digital age.  There are many very talented digital photographers, but only one Ansel Adams.  A few years ago, I found and purchased a very old photo album during one of my trips to Hungary.  A fabric cover, with delicate tissue page dividers, black backing and corner holders.  I remember being asked why I bought it.  The answer was simple enough.  Old photographs deserve preservation in a special photo album.

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Have a great 4th of July everyone!!


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6 Responses to Pictures from the Past…

  1. katalin temesvari says:

    I cant beleive where the time had gone. on that picture i was only 15 and now 68.

  2. katalin temesvari says:

    i feel i am almost as young.

  3. katalin temesvari says:

    love you very much my beautiful daughter.

  4. katalin temesvari says:

    talk to you later.

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