I Got a “One Lovely Blog Award” How cool is that!!

One Lovely Blog Award

One lovely Blog Award

I would personally like to thank Scottishmomus for this award on the behalf of my father and I, for “A Hungarian Memoir!  🙂  It means a great deal to me knowing his writings are appreciated and worth reading!  (Oh right click on the image/save then pass along and thank the person who nominated you for the award) 🙂

In accordance to the award rules (you must):

Share seven things about yourself! (or a few)

  1. I prefer showers to baths. (TMI?)
  2. My spices are in alphabetical order.
  3. I’m not a pack rat but a paper rat. (have to work on this one)
  4. I have 6 tattoo’s (there pretty small)
  5. I’m a sci-fi/horror movie fan
  6. I a major “to do list” person (I’ll go into that topic next blog)
  7. Not ticklish

My nominee’s in no particular order are: (nominate 7 people or a few)

Harsh Reality

The Dimwit Diary

Girl on the Contrary


A Girl Divided

Suzie81’s Blog

History Kicks Ass

Thank you again Scottishmomus for the award!

About magyarok27

Just ask.....January 2019 time to revamp site!! Additions: Artwork, Husky Haven and more.
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19 Responses to I Got a “One Lovely Blog Award” How cool is that!!

  1. Michelle says:

    Congratulations! Happy weekend!

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