Why the heck do they call it a “To Do” List?

I’m pretty sure I am not the first person that has asked this question or brought up the subject.  In any event, I think we all deserve equal time on the soapbox!

This question actually entered my mind yesterday…after I had finished cleaning my bathroom and went downstairs to mark it off my “list of things to do.”  The problem was, it wasn’t on the list.  This made me pause momentarily and become frustrated.  Not because it wasn’t on the list, but because of all the other crap that was!

The light bulb went on.  Why the hell do I call this a “to do list?”  (shrugging) At the very least it provided me a topic for this post.  The wheels in my brain started to slowly turn and I began to ask myself the following questions.

  1. Might Do List:  Do I always do every single thing I planned on doing that day? Nope!
  2. The Remind Me to Remind Others List:  Remind hubby to fix the kitchen draw or put his tools back in the garage, remind my son to pay his phone bill, remind the kids they need to clean their bathroom, remind myself to remind them to do the above listed items. Nope!
  3. The What I Need to Talk to Hubby about List: When are we going to have that garage sale we’ve put off since last month; or maybe I should rename it the “When are we going to do that list?” Nope!
  4. (my personal favorite)  The List for Lists of Things to Do: I have to make a list of the lists of things to do before we go on vacation, a list for the lists of things I need to clean, the list of the lists of topics I need to work on today, tomorrow and this week.

By no means am I the one to say this could be seen a tad been fanatical or obsessive, most would say I am practically the queen of lists, but WHY….is the question?

Let’s talk bluntly, WTF!  Lists do not have to resemble food charts that the dietitian tells you to make when you have to keep track of everything you eat in a day.

(A) If you make a list to remind yourself to tell someone else something they need to do…..how often do they really complete the task?  My kitchen draw has sat on the counter for three days now!  Then unless there is a threat short of bodily harm, do you or I think the kids are really going to smile like on Christmas morning while their cleaning their toilet; or for that matter their rooms?

(B)  Then there is the place on the list called “exercise.”  Another “sarcastic look” of are you serious?  What is that 20 crunches, some push-ups and a spin around the block with the dog?    THIS leads me to the spot when you insert a little arrow with the following:

———->TOM. (short for will do tomorrow)

To Do List

To Do List

(C)  So what are lists perhaps useful for.  Medications, especially if you have to keep track and don’t use software or an alarm clock to do it for you.  Maybe for bill purposes; paid on this day, etc.  My most valuable purpose of a list is when ever you have to deal with doctors, any company you pay money too, and the mortgage company!!  Especially the mortgage company, who always seems to make an attempt at screwing you over; that is until you whip out that “LIST” note-book from a year ago and tell then exactly who you spoke to, when and on what day you spoke to them, along with times and details.  Then you say (very politely) to kiss your ass and speak to your lawyer!  Hence, yes I’m a paper hoard in that aspect!

(D)  Lastly, there are some, (maybe myself even)  that might feel writing this daily list somehow provides the feeling of productiveness, usefulness; even if it might be viewed a little narcissistic…..  To them I say to each his or her own; in other words, MIND YOUR OWN DAMN BUSINESS….no one is perfect!! Kat-


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4 Responses to Why the heck do they call it a “To Do” List?

  1. I’m a bit of a list-maker too. As you say, it’s really frustrating when you’re sidetracked into doing something else that’s not even on the list. My favourite list, though, is the one where, beside each item or room that has to be tackled, I write the kids’ names as well as my own.
    Living-room kid 1
    Dust all surfaces
    Clean Windows
    Those are the lists I usually see completed. And done in half the time!x

    • magyarok27 says:

      when I write mow the lawn I’ll write my hubby’s name next to it, or like I did this morning call mom only have one mom, or and next to it was call my son; who is the only one out of town right now! I’m slightly OCD…LOL Funny u mentioned sidetracked cause then I have to add it to the “list”

  2. I am a chronic lister too. I have to “make to do list” on my to do list. It’s a problem.

    • magyarok27 says:

      Me too, as you can tell…and that post was only some of it, which I admitted too. lol. You have a great site, btw… I like reading everyday “misadventures.”

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