Thou Shall Not Boil Peanuts On Sunday!

Yup you heard me right…..  Thou shall not boil peanuts on Sunday!  Why?  I’ll get into that, in a second.  Since I moved here to the “South,” I’ve had to accept my fair share of things I would consider “unusual.”

boil-big-peanuts&normal-peanuts,shioyude chiba...

boil-big-peanuts&normal-peanuts,shioyude chiba big peanuts,katori-city,japan (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Acclimation is very important, but sometimes you have to draw the line and say enough is enough; which is where this post comes in.

As soon as I saw the two bags of raw peanuts on the counter, the result of  unsupervised  grocery shopping hubby did, I knew there was trouble brewing!   Unless he had made a deal to sell his soul, so he could play golf AND boil peanuts there was no way the great weather gods were going to allow this to take place!

I was wrong; like usual!  Yes, Saturday came and it rained and hubby sat there patiently waiting.  I eventually retreated to the “office” and nothing?  “Something isn’t right” I said to myself and its way too quiet downstairs.

Poking my head out the door the smell hit me.  PEANUTS…I looked at my watch 10:00 p.m., what???  Yup, you heard me right, I’m saying it again, the only difference is it was Saturday and not Sunday.  Emergency diverted,  I went to bed.

Then Sunday came and I woke up early like usual, but something wasn’t quite right.  Why was the front porch light on?  No reason for it.   I looked out the window….NOOOOOOO!  There it was in all its “hick-sh” glory, the propane tank attached to the burner which held (earlier) the large cauldron of boiling peanuts!  To my horror it was left on the front porch, not put away, or on the back porch!  Oh the shame…what will the neighbors think of this unethical sight??  It’s one thing to hang your underwear on the laundry line in a sub-division in the backyard; but a whole other thing to hang it out on the front lawn!  It is also one thing to secretly watch Honey Boo-Boo, and Duck Dynasty on T.V. and a whole other thing to openly say “I do that too” and it is your favorite show!!  We all have standards right?

If just a few years ago, I could not buy a six-pack of beer at the grocery store, and had to  instead pay some outrageous price for a Budweiser at a restaurant…..then you know what?  THOU SHALL NOT BOIL PEANUTS ON SATURDAY AND LEAVE THE REMAINS TO CLEAN UP ON SUNDAY!!  The line is dug in the red muddy dirt!  Don’t even think about touching that alarm clock for the tee-time either, its been raining all morning!  🙂



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2 Responses to Thou Shall Not Boil Peanuts On Sunday!

  1. katalin temesvari says:

    that is so good, no luck withthe golfing game.

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