A Friends Loss

A few days ago a very close friend of mine posted on Facebook that she had to put her dog to sleep because of health reasons, and not wanting the dog to suffer anymore from severe breathing difficulties.  I was very sad to read this.  I remembered the day of her wedding.  She asked me to photograph it, and I agreed.  I’d known her since we were both in the navy together, roommates and stationed on the same dry-dock.  Her Aushia was just a puppy then.  I took a photograph of her in her wedding dress with Aushia in her arms.  I remember it like yesterday.  That was the same day I would meet my future dog Cosmo, which we got from her mother.

Aushia was a cute little chocolate Labrador.  Very playful and loving, with eyes that would make your heart melt; a loyal companion always!

When I first read her post I hesitated, not knowing what to say.  Sadness is something I’d prefer not to think about, especially when it hits so close to home. This morning I looked at my Cosmo, giving him a scratch under the chin, and a brisk rub to his back; knowing that sooner than later I would be grieving my loss.  I shook my head to erase the thought but realized I needed to do something.

I remembered I still had that picture of my friend and her puppy from the wedding day and decided I could not avoid these feelings. I had to respond on some way.  I decided to give her a specially designed picture. It was the only thing I could think of doing, other than saying I was sorry for her loss.  I’m sure it was comforting for her to receive all those condolences; though me being me felt generic in just saying only that.

I did post my sympathies, and she responded and ironically commented about that photograph.  I uploaded the pic to her page and told her we were thinking the same thing.

We haven’t seen each other for many years since I moved and I’m not much of a phone person, but I do think of her as one of my dearest friends; having gone through many difficult times together.

Anyway….as I said to her “All puppies go to heaven.”

In memory of Aushia.

In memory of Aushia.


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2 Responses to A Friends Loss

  1. You are the best Kat!!!!! Thank you so much, I also remember this date like yesterday. She was the best dog ever and my heart is still crying out for her!!!! Never will there be another like her. Forever in my heart Aushia!!

    • magyarok27 says:

      Love ya Stacy, know I’m thinking about you! (crying now!). My way of showing it, I didn’t forget! Remember her that way! They are one of a kind!!!

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