Diving Locations of Oahu, Hawaii, Series 2

So where did we leave off last week?  I believe it was “The Mahi.” The next destination is:  

Dive Budy Randy Brewer

Dive Buddy Randy Brewer

Makaha Caverns: (Lava Tube Dive)  The Makaha Caverns are made up of very  unique and interesting lava formations.  The underwater architecture here is incredible.  The swim through are beautiful and make for an excellent backdrop in photography.  The maximum depth here is about 40 feet.  A great variety of fish frequent this area as well as turtles, eels and octopus.

Palea Point: (Unique Dive) Palea Point is just past Hanama Bay.  The point consists of a large wall which forms an underwater canyon.  The canyon starts at a depth of 20 feet and ends at about 80 feet.  Most of the action and beauty of this dive occurs in the 20 to 50 foot range and this will be the depth for the majority of your dive.  Visibility in the area is often 100 feet plus.  You will find caves within the canyon and if you listen closely, in January thru April you can sometimes hear the sounds of the whales in the distance.  There may be some current here.

English: Green Sea Turtles, Chelonia mydas bre...

English: Green Sea Turtles, Chelonia mydas breaks the surface to breathe on the Big Island of Hawaii (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Runway Reef: (Shallow Reef Dive)  This site is off of Pearl Harbor but because of the controversy it would cause, it could not be named Pearl Harbor.  The max depth is about 30 feet.  It boasts fish, eels and cowry shells (please do not remove).  Visibility is about 50 feet.

Turtle Canyon: (Shallow Reef Dive)  Also known as Hawaii Kai Turtles.  This dive is only about 20 feet deep and an artificial reef.  In order to populate the artificial reef with sea life, divers fed the fish as a feeding ground and they frequent the spot.  Along with an abundance of fish you will probably see turtles, hence the name Turtle Canyon.  Also making an appearance in the area are mating octopus and spotted eagle rays.  This dive may have some current.

Turtles – Waikiki: (Shallow Reef Dive)  Also referred to as Waikiki Turtles, as it is off the shores of Waikiki.  This spot, as the name infers, boasts lots of turtles.  The maximum depth is about 40 feet.  The bottom is an interesting combination of sand and coral, but the real attraction here is of course the turtles.  For many years these turtles were fed by divers.  They have become very familiar with divers and like the attention.  The turtles here are not afraid to come right up to you looking for the attention.  

Kat (me) finishing up a night dive

Kat (me) finishing up a night dive with Randy and other other Randy

(ATTENTION!  Having said that, it is against the law to bother, harass or touch green sea turtles!  Furthermore, I do not believe in feeding them either.  I think this disrupts the delicate balance of the Eco-system of the reef.  Knowing the laws about endangered and protective species of Hawai’i is very important for everyone; including divers!  I’ve attached the following link for information on the topic. NOAA Fisheries  )  

Enjoy your dives, and remember to breath!  🙂

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