Resources for Hungarian Related POW Research-Szechenyi Library (2)

When researching for resources and archives, the saying “don’t leave any stone un-turned” is very valuable.  A surprising amount of information is gathered from very unlikeness places.  This not only applies to P.O.W. research but also genealogy research.

English: National Széchényi Library

English: National Széchényi Library (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

  • (Tip) Various documentation not available for online viewing is available in the archives of other countries, through different search engines.
  • Let’s review some of those archives and the differences.
  • Hungarian National Szechenyi
    Library: (Available in English and Hungarian)  Explanation of what is available at the library:
  • (HLI; was earlier known as the Centre for Library Science and Methodology. Its new name and responsibilities were defined in 2000 by a decree (6/2000.(March 24) Ministry of Cultural Heritage). The predecessor Centre was founded in 1959. The Institute continues to be within the framework of the National Széchényi Library, is headed by a director.

Some of the services available and holdings are:

  • Services and activities:

    •    A collection of books and journals on library and information work, library and information science, librarianship, as well as on the history of books and libraries in a wide sense;•    special collections (theses, dissertations, publicity materials, photos etc.);
    •    online catalogue ( option: Könyvtártudományi Szakkönyvtár);
    •    LIS documentation (HUMANUS database of Hungarian and international articles (, options: Library science=Könyvtártudomány or Book history=Könyvtörténet);
    •    thesaurus of library and information science;
    •    reference services (in the reading room, by phone, e-mail or normal mail);
    •    value-added information services (reviews, latest reports, materials for decision-making);
    •    access to professional databases;
    •    editing and publishing:
    – a professional journal: Könyvtári Figyelő (
    – an abstracting journal: Hungarian Library and Information Science Abstracts (
    – the national special bibliography of librarianship: MAKSZAB
    – the annual bibliography of book history;
    •    practical training for LIS students;
    •    management of the museum of the National Széchényi Library.

(TIP) 5 major search engines are available to search various categories in the collections. In a OSZK Katalogus search using the term “Hungarian Prisoners of War” there was two hits.

  • Title (and responsibility): White book concerning the status of Hungarian prisoners of war illegally detained by the Soviet Union and of Hungarian civilians forcefully deported by Soviet authorities / publ. prisoners of War Service of Hungarian Veterans.
    Publication: Bad Wörishofen : Hungária, [1951].
    Physical description: 116 p., 1 térk. ; 24 cm
    OC 31.166 / Stack

    The second:

  • Uniform title – main entry: Fehér könyv a Szovjetunióba elhurcolt hadifoglyok és polgári deportáltak helyzetéről (angol)
    Title (and responsibility): White book concerning the status of Hungarian prisoners of war illegally retained by the Soviet Union and of Hungarian civilian persons forcibly deported by the Soviet authorities / publ. by the PW Service of Hungarian Veterans with the cooperation of the newspaper Hungária.
    Publication: [München] : Hungária, cop. 1950.
    Physical description: 114 p., [1] t.fol. : ill. ; 30 cm
OD 48.057 / Stack

You have view these in extended view, HTML view, ISBN View.  ISBN, provides more information on the contents:

  • White books about the status of Hungarian prisoners of war illegally detained by the Soviet Union and of Hungarian civilians forcefully deported by Soviet authorities / pubs. Prisoners of War Service of Hungarian Veterans. – Bad Wörishofen : Hungária, [1951]. – 116 p., 1 térk. ; 24 cm [No. 000001415460]
  • Fehér könyv a Szovjetunióba elhurcolt hadifoglyok és polgári deportáltak helyzetéről (angol) White book about the status of Hungarian prisoners of war illegally retained by the Soviet Union and of Hungarian civilian persons forcefully deported by the Soviet authorities / pubs. by the PW Service of Hungarian Veterans with the cooperation of the newspaper Hungária. – [München] : Hungária, cop. 1950. – 114 p., [1] t.fol. : ill. ; 30 cm
    [No. 000000927244]

(TIP)  Available copy locations are noted.  Be advises not all publications are held in online databases, so unless you contact the holding to order a copy, a visit may be necessary. Some databases only give bio’s. on contact of their holding

The library has an interesting”  Hungarian Digital Image Library, which covers:

  • The image fields of interest – in addition to the National Library guarded image material – covers a variety of collections held in Hungarian or Hungarian-related codes, local history stock photography, postcards, posters and other visual (or images supplied) documents (eg. manuscripts). A representative choice when creating a mainly educational, scientific and cultural aspects dominate. From time to time expanding specialized services to support creative use and re-use of images.

    The use of the image library metasearch assisted in the project that a number of domestic and foreign institutional partner provides the stock image diverse search options.

    The MDK (Magyar Digitalis Kepkonyvtar) has a  Dataproviders link to narrow your searches.

Google results are integrated from Following Sites:

Hungarian Electronic Library (MEK): Which can be accessed from the main site covers:

  • The oldest Hungarian online digital library collections. Birth of the process dates back to 1994-95 from. The design of the web interface goes back to 1996, the modern user interface on your own server is available from 2001. In September 1999, operates under the auspices of the National Library. Activities at the same time from the same non-profit association helps too.
  • Over the years, the MEK has been on the Hungarian Internet is one of the best known and most szolgáltatásává text archívumává. Real “movement” has emerged around it, because anyone can take the slightest and easiest means to be part of the library in developing and nurturing the herd: abandoned to their own works or writings of others took a computer, provided that it does not infringe their copyright rights. Taken over archival materials may be proposed in other servers, can be helpful in providing documents in different formats or simply popularizing the MEK.

Doing a search with the keyword “prisoners of war” in the MEK, using any keyword resulted in 2 hits.

  • 606.787 / Raktár
    Cím és szerzőségi közlés: The Huns’ handbook for the invasion of England : reproductions and translations from a guidebook found on a German prisoner / [ill.] by Chas Grave.
    Megjelenés: London : The Echo and Evening Chronicle, 1915.
    Terj./Fiz. jell.: 47 p. ; 21 cm
    Sorozat: The Echo war extras
    66.164 / Raktár
    Cím és szerzőségi közlés: Cattle car express : a prisoner of war in Siberia / Emil Lengyel.
    Megjelenés: New York ; Paris : Strassburger, 1931.
    Terj./Fiz. jell.: [12], 228, [2] p. ; 19 cm
    Név/nevek: Lengyel Emil (1895-1985).

    (TIP)  These pages with further investigation show the physical location of the documents and the rules relating to get access to, copy locations, and if it is available for online viewing and printing.  Other information include research help, fees, etc.

That is an introduction to the Hungarian National Szechenyi Library.  Kati-

Nagy, Ivan Book Series

Nagy, Ivan Book Series

Austro-Hungarian Forces in the Field October 1918

Austro-Hungarian Forces in the Field October 1918

Magyar Anjou Legendarium

Magyar Anjou Legendarium from my book collection


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