Attention: The Kat’s Claws are out!

To whom it may concern:  By the title of this post, I’m sure you tell this isn’t going to go well!  This morning I received a comment from a “follower” which I will not name, informing me that I had not read his posts, and something like no more “freebies.”  I was perplexed!!  CLUELESS, about what the person was referring to.  I responded in that way, asking if I had missed something.  The response back was basically due to the length I have have been blogging (2+ months, wow forever I guess) how I could not be aware of…..I don’t know “proper protocol?”  My “proper protocol” is I read as many post as I can, I post as often as I can, I juggle my family, my life, my own issues and try to be as thoughtful, supportive, and involved as I can.  NOT that I feel any explanation is needed, I just want to make myself clear.  I do not expect everyone to be interested in all my various posts and if you aren’t, my feelings will not be hurt.  I started this blog for myself!  I will not play the game, if you follow me, I will follow you, plain and simple.  If I have zero readers then so be it, but I am NOT going to be bullied or made to feel guilty.  What you have now is just one pissed off Kat, that isn’t going to be some punching bag for a passive aggressive douche!!  FYI….I believe I sent out my vacation notice, regardless where or what I do with that time!  To everyone else, I’m sorry about the rant, but I had to get it out.   🙂   I feel better now!


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9 Responses to Attention: The Kat’s Claws are out!

  1. Wait! Hold on! We are REQUIRED to respond to a post if we follow and read someone’s posts. I work for a living so I don’t have unlimited time. If something particularly interests me, I may respond, I may click Like but many I just read and move on. I am glad you feel better for getting your feeling out.

  2. belsbror says:

    There’s a saying, we cannot please everybody. 😦
    Go on with you’ve been doing. 🙂

  3. There are a lot of marketers and such in the blog environment who have other motives than writing from their heart. No one is required to respond to strangers, and no one is required to read a certain amount of anyone’s posts or anything. Simply outrageous!

  4. draliman says:

    For me, “proper protocol” is simply “be nice in comments, only comment if you want, like what you want, read what you want, follow whom you want”.
    There’s a lot of “you want” there – it’s your choice! There’s no obligation of reciprocity. I certainly don’t have time to read everything (though I try), let alone leave a comment!
    I follow some people (who also follow me) who hardly ever “like” or comment on my posts (if at all) – I keep reading their posts because I enjoy them. I’m not going to throw my toys out the pram because I’m “not getting anything back” because I am. I’m getting enjoyment from their posts, and that’s the real point.
    Your “un-named commenter” needs to grow up.

    Damn, now I’ve gone into a rant of my own, sorry 🙂

    • magyarok27 says:

      LOL…it’s okay I think we are all allowed to rant, I know I do it enough. I’m just glad I am not the only one that feels that way; and I 100% agree with what you said. Luckily I realized that before I just deleted my blog. I can deal with criticism, but someone else’s sense of entitlement in this type of forum just ticks me off! 🙂

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