Diving Locations of Oahu, Hawaii, Series 3

More diving locations on Oahu, Hawaii….

Ulua Caves: (Lava Formations)  Ulua Caves is not actually a cave but an undercut.

#885 orange cup coral (イボヤギ)

 The max depth is about 90 feet but depths of 100 feet may be reached.  It is best to use a light on this dive.  While exploring the “cave” be sure to look for Orange Cup Corals.  It is not uncommon to see rays, eels, and white tip sharks at this site.

Waianae Airplane: (Airplane Wreck)  This is a single engine World War II vintage airplane sunk in about 100 feet of water.  It is in the upside down position (last I saw) and makes a home for large moray eels and schools of fish.  Bottom time is a maximum of 20 minutes on this dive.

The Wall: (Drift Dive)  This is an incredible dive.  The wall starts at a depth of about 50 feet and goes to about 130 feet.  Most of this dive is done at shallower depths of about 50 feet to give you a longer bottom time and because much of the beauty of the wall and the sea life can be appreciated at this depth.  The wall is located off of Hawaii Kai and boasts an abundance of coral, swarms of fish, eels, octopus, turtles and a sea cave.  Visibility is often 100 feet.  There can be strong currents on this dive and an alternate spot may be necessary if the current is too strong.

YO-257: (Shipweck)  The YO-257 is a Navy oiler which was purposely sunk off


#3996 YO-257 wreck

#3996 YO-257 wreck (Photo credit: Nemo’s great uncle)


the shores of Waikiki in the early 80’s by Atlantis Submarines.  The top deck of this ship is at about 65 feet and the hull is over 100 feet deep in some areas.  Much of your diving will be in the 80-90 foot range so keep your maximum bottom time of 20 minutes.  The novelty of this dive is the submarine.  While you are exploring the ship the Atlantis Submarine will slowly glide by you.  You will be able to see the passengers inside the port holes of the sub but probably not as well as they see you.  Because this site was designed by Atlantis for its submarines, they took measures to insure an abundance of sea life would be in the viewing area.  You will see a variety of fish and perhaps turtles, eels and the unique frog fish.  On a clear day, if you look into the distance, you can catch a glimpse of the 115 foot fishing vessel, San Pedro, which was suck in 1996.  Currents can be strong on this dive and because of the varying depths, it is a good idea to stay with you Divemaster if you are not a real experienced diver (trust me on this one, I’ve had to help out more than one “narced” diver while I was a DM.)  A line is provided for your descent and accent, be sure to use it for this purpose and until you are comfortable.  Remember to always do a 5 minutes/15 feet safety stop!!  


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