Hungarian Related POW Book and Reference Resources, Update (3)

Leningrad Oblast. Scale 1:6,000,000; Leningrad...

Leningrad Oblast. Scale 1:6,000,000; Leningrad and its suburbs (in the bottom right corner). Scale 1:1,000,000 (year 1940) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

In my effort to find Hungarian POW resources, I received a reply from a reference specialist from the European Division of the Library of Congress.

Last week I inquired about information, about my research of the labor camp my father was most likely detained in.  Besides the references I’ve already posted on this blog to the Hungarian National Archives, the Hungarian War Museum & Archives and the Szechenyi Library; the reference specialist suggested the following books, etc., on this topic:

  • Hadifoglyok Irjak.  Hadifogolysors a masodik vilaghaboruban.  Budapest: Petit Real, 1999. 123p.
  • Varga Maria Eva.  Magyarok Szovjet Hadifogsagban (1941-1956).  Az oroszorszagi leveltar forrasok tukreben.  Budapest:  Russica Pannonicana, 2009. 391p.
  • Vengerskie Voennoplennye v SSSR. Dokumenty 1941-1953 godov, (Hungarian prisoners of war in the USSR.  Documents from 1941-1953).  Moskva:  Rosspen, 2005.  543p.

The last book he indicated seems the most complete (and Varga was a contributor/editor, though not mentioned in the catalog record), and in it he found a table of cemeteries in the USSR holding the remains of Hungarian POWs.  The table apparently is taken from a list found in the Russian State Military Archives (RGVA) that is dated not earlier than 1949.  On page 429 he found a reference to the cemetery at the settlement of Pikalevo in Leningrad Oblast Region (the one I have researched).  He also said Twenty-one Hungarians are buried there.  The camp at Pikalevo formed section 3 of Camp 157. (Side note: This past week I found another large list of labor camp names on a web, I will post that list as soon as possible.)

In addition, he states Varga’s 2009 book has an extensive bibliography and also indicates which Russian archives contain material on the subject.  Hopefully this type of information will be helpful to others that are also searching for these records.


On a Semi-Related Subject: For those interested in Hungarian Genealogy relating to 1956, I will be sending a e-mail to the NARA archives division about the Hungarian Refugee Program Subject files, compiled for the years of 1956-1961, dealing with Camp Kilmer Refugee Center and the Hungarian Refugees.  Some records are still classified and pending review, so I want to find out what is available and the rules for acquiring those files for family members.  These records contain very valuable information on refugee names, birth dates, names of relatives, age, political association, date of arrival, and departure, etc.. (ARC Identifier: 4319786, MLR#P4  (Operation Mercy)

(Passenger and crew lists of vessels at New York, New York, 1897-1957) (National Archives Microfilm Publication T715, 8892 Rolls); Records of the emigration and Naturalization Service; National Archives Washington D.C.

I will publish the index/soundex of the material they have as soon as possible…  Kati

P.S. (Added on 6/23/2013): After almost 18 years I finally got verification from the Hadtorteteneti Intezet Es Muzeum, in response to a form I filled out; confirming my father’s status as a POW in the Soviet Union during WWII.  This was a major breakthrough for me, since records were never found during previous searches.  It also confirms my belief in never giving up!!)

(A special thank you to the College Park Archives (Marie), the Washington and New York Archives and the European Research Department (Kenneth) of the Library of Congress for their help in answering my many questions!)


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2 Responses to Hungarian Related POW Book and Reference Resources, Update (3)

  1. Bless you for putting this information out!!! Part of my family came over the USA in 1956. We’ll still putting together where everyone is at.

    • magyarok27 says:

      I’m glad you found it helpful. I’ve been at this genealogy stuff since I was a teen. I’ll add some links for you on “1956’ers”, in my weekly wrap, and let me know if you need any help. 🙂

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