Photographs Old and New!

A little news,

Thanks to hubby and a new printer/scanner I’m finally able to start the process of scanning images that I can’t find on my disks, or most likely I never had put on disk.  Back in the “day” it was film or slide and in some cases a darkroom.  I’ve pondered just having it all shipped off to have copied and put on disk; but what if it got lost?  I’ve taken pictures of my old pictures and it’s very time-consuming (sucks); more so than scanning and I’m not about to stand in line at the store all day. This time they WILL be put on CD and saved; just not in one day!  🙂

Where do I start?  Just grab an album or box of photo’s and go!



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4 Responses to Photographs Old and New!

  1. Do you need a hand? 🙂

  2. draliman says:

    Cool! I’ve just started dong the exact same thing! I bought a scanner a few months ago for just that reason (also handy for the DraliDoodles 🙂 ).
    It’s quite time-consuming so I’m cherry-picking – mostly photos of people I met at school, university, Germany, Ireland and so on.
    The memories brought back are so wonderful, remembering almost-forgotten people and great times.
    Once done, a copy stays on my laptop and a copy goes up to Google Drive – I’m paranoid that a fire will destroy my only copies, digital and paper alike!
    The photos I posted of me as a toddler for the “Nostalgia” Daily Post thing a while ago actually came from my scanning endeavours!

    • magyarok27 says:

      Very time consuming, so I figure I do a little a day and make it a life adventure thingy to start with. I have an idea for todays post with some I did yesterday. The images aren’t perfect like the originals, but it’s way less expensive then sending them all off. That’s a good idea about the Google drive. I’d be screwed myself if something happened; it’s just crazy after all these years, how many photo’s there are!! 🙂

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