Introduction to “Ports of Call” Series-USN

Since I acquired my new scanner and I am already in the process of uploading photographs. An idea hit me. With the interest I saw on my blog about “The making of the Pearl Harbor movie,” I came to the conclusion, that there are many other places and sights my husband and I were able to visit and stories and experiences we recorded during the last 20 years of military service.

These “Ports of Call” and “Shore Leave” photo stories are in other words history and a multitude of events that everyone can relate to. They not only include various places we have visited, but significant events that have effected all of us in one way or another.

A little peek into some topics, and events that I hope you will find interesting:

  • Hydro Fest (Pearl Harbor)
  • Carrier Life (USN)
  • USS Competent (AFDM-6)
  • Hawaii Dive sites and images
  • Ports of Call-Greece, Dubai, etc.
  • Leave
  • Duty Stations
  • Traveling across the county
  • Special Events (The Masters)
  • More movie reviews and premiers (True Blood)
  • Other various Hungarian places of interest
  • Etc., Etc.

I hope my followers will find this interesting. There are many other, and if anyone has something specific they would like to me add. I’d be more than happy to see if I have something about the topic.


P.S. Side note: Next month between the 1st and twelfth of September; hubby and I will be out-of-town, to celebrate a combo-birthday trip to Vegas. I’m giving everyone a heads up, so no one things I’ve just vanished!

If I haven’t said it before, thank you for all the follows, support and having patients with all my ups and downs! 🙂



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4 Responses to Introduction to “Ports of Call” Series-USN

  1. draliman says:

    Sounds great!
    And thanks for the “heads up” – I always start to worry a bit if a regular blogger suddenly goes “dark” for too long. You could post photos of Vegas from your phone 🙂

    • magyarok27 says:

      I appreciate the reply! No need to worry, I’m trying to “balance” the blog with other real life responsibilities. I have a bad habit of getting so wrapped up in one thing, I either let everything else slack, or it becomes more of a chore then an enjoyment. I have to step back sometimes and re-evaluate things; and besides all that its been a little busy on the home front. And yes, with the new scanner and images I want to scan, it’s also a way to sharing stories with pictures! 🙂

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