An Experiment in Translation- Magyar fordítás, kérjük olvassa el az alábbi!

After speaking to my mother a few days ago, I asked her a question that has bothered me in a way.  We all know our blogs have stats and one of the things those stats tell us is readership from countries. A big part on my blog has to do with Hungary, yet in comparison to other countries, views from there are much lower. I pretty much knew what the answer was; the language gap.  She added that many people have told her they wished it was in Hungarian.  That’s an issue for me!  Needless to say my Hungarian reading and writing is at an elementary level; to put it nicely (been working on it though).

With advances in modern technology, you would think I could find a decent translation program.  There are some good ones I’ve found, but I feel they fall short in translating words which are more advanced, not to mention “slang.”  I’ve used Google Translate, Bing Translate, Microsoft on my PC and a program called “I translate,” among others on my I-pad.  Each has there advantages and disadvantages.  If only they could combine them all and NOT charge an arm and leg.  Wishful thinking I know!

Anyway, I decided to give “Bing” a try on my father’s memoirs (just a small part); to test it out.  No promises about how correct it will be and any comments would be great to check accuracy/proper grammar. Sadly this version doesn’t allow me to “actually” listen to the Hungarian part.  Before you ask; I do not plan on writing future installments in Hungarian (only or at all).  I have a hard enough time translating my father’s handwriting as it is now. Kati~

(This is from Monday’s post)
(Ez a hétfői írások.)

“The Potato Story” Conclusion and  part 1 of the “Aftermath”

When I walked up to my room in the barracks, to my surprise nobody was sleeping.  The time was about midnight when someone lit a homemade oil lamp.  They lifted me up in the air on their shoulders and carried me around the row of bunk beds. I went to the fireplace where the fire had already died out, but the brick walls were still warm.  They asked me what happened and where I was.  I just couldn’t talk from the shaking, I cried.  Not from the pain I felt from my fingertips, I just cried; there was no explanation for it.  Eventually I started to become myself again and removed the loot of frozen potatoes, that weren’t frozen any longer.  I began to warm up even more which in turn caused the pain in my fingers to become worse; once again I started to cry, this time from the pain.  The old friend of mine went outside to get some snow and started to rub my fingers with it; somehow reliving the pain.

(The translation: Lefordítottam az apám memoár magyar látni, milyen jól működik az én-m új program része. )

“A Burgonya Történet” megkötésére és elválaszt 1-ból “Utáni”

Amikor mentem a szobámba, laktanya, meglepetésemre senki sem aludt.  Az idő éjfélkor, mikor valaki világít egy házi olaj lámpa volt.  Felemelte nekem a levegőben, a vállán, és elvitt körül a sor emeletes ágyak. Elmentem a kandalló, ahol a tűz már meghalt volna, de a tégla falak voltak még meleg.  Azt kérdezte, mi történt, és hol volt.  Csak beszélni nem tudtam, hogy a rázás, sírt.  Nem az a fájdalom, úgy éreztem, az én-m ujjhegyek-ból csak sírt; nem volt rá magyarázat.  Végül kezdett válni magam újra, és eltávolították a zsákmányból a fagyasztott burgonya, hogy többé nem fagyott.  Kezdtem, hogy felmelegedjen még, ami viszont a fájdalmat okozott az én-m ujjak lesz rosszabb; egyszer elkezdtem sírni, ebben az időben, a fájdalom.  A régi barátom, hogy néhány hó kimentek, és kezdett, hogy dörzsölje az ujjaim valahogy újraéli a fájdalom.

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4 Responses to An Experiment in Translation- Magyar fordítás, kérjük olvassa el az alábbi!

  1. draliman says:

    I think a lot of these translation programs, like Google’s “translate this page” for example, simply scour millions of webpages for previous translations (by humans) of chunks of text and stick them all together. That’s why the translations often feel a bit “stilted”. Still quite a technological achievement, though!

  2. katalin temesvari says:

    This translation is soooo bad,I cant beleive how can be so bad……

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