Flying Free

 “Flying Free”

Beauty of color

Beauty of Color

Imagine what it would like,

flying like an eagle in the skies at night.

Seeing the sun, over the mountain tops,

gazing at the most beautiful of scenic spots.

Such birds how talented they must be,

performing such splendid feats in flight

for your eyes and mine to see.

Through the darkest and windiest weather they fly,

into the hottest and bluest of sunlit skies.

Imagine how it would be,

to make your home in the highest of trees,

to sing their songs from near to far,

in the skies at night, to the brightest star.

I wondering to myself,

how nice it would be,

to fly upon the wind over the never-ending sea.

Spreading my wings as far as they will go,

gliding ever so closely,

 over the newly fallen snow.

To land on the branches of a large oak tree,


all my life I will always be free.

Wouldn’t it be a wonderful existence to live,

knowing you have such beauty to give…..

by: Katalin Bultman. (1990)


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5 Responses to Flying Free

  1. You are a poet! Your poem gave me shivers, so beautiful!!!!! 🙂

  2. Do you write other poems?

    • magyarok27 says:

      I wrote them mostly in the Navy, when I was sitting around watching gauges and bored to death during the times we lowered the dry-dock to bring submarines in for repair. My dad wrote poems when he was younger, I guess I got it from him… 🙂

    • magyarok27 says:

      I just realized I misread your comment, lol, we’ll sort of. Yes, I have…but not for many years, maybe it was a phase I was going through. 🙂

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