Spooky Morning Sight

Talk about being freaked out first thing in the morning, when you walk out the back door and the first thing that catches your attention is this!  Just some perspective; I took these pictures from my patio porch using a 18-135 mm lens; this thing was HUGE!  They was no way in hell I was getting anywhere near it, major arachnophobia!! (still have chicken skin…) Is the world trying to tell me something?  (sighs)


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9 Responses to Spooky Morning Sight

  1. Yikes those are huge. I think everyone probably has a spider story to tell, good or bad. I have two and they are funny, at least to me. First when my daughter was young, our two nieces were babysitting her one evening and she said to them “You know you are never more than 3 feet away from a spider”. This was likely something she saw on the kids television show, the Magic School Bus but my nieces have never forgotten her saying this to them and it is now about 10 years later. The second is also my science inclined daughter. When I would park my Subaru in the driveway, the overhanging tree sometimes lead to spiders getting inside. My daughter started calling my car the Arachnabus. One October, she took this large decoration spider out and put it onto my car so that I would see it when I went to the car to go to work the next morning. Obviously it was so large, it couldn’t be real but it was very funny anyway.

  2. draliman says:

    I’m with you on this one – I hate spiders. Urgh, horrible hairy high speed harbingers of doom 😦
    Dew-covered webs can be pretty, though.

  3. I must be weird one here, but I think those webs are BEAUTIFUL!!!!

  4. Don’t forget a spider and her web saved Wilber the pig from slaughter… Charlotte’s Web. Some Pig Terrific

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