Bison Bonanza Whidbey Island

Here is a series of photo’s from my friends bison farm on Whidbey Island in Washington State.  I was very impressive how well she took care of these beautiful animals.  She also invited the public to her farm at varies times of year.  It was a wonderful educational experience for everyone.  It was also my first time trying “buffalo meat,” which I have to say is quite good when cooked right.  When we transferred from Oak Harbor to another duty station, I remember my friend Liz gave me a stuffed animal, a bison.  To this day it sits on the dashboard on my car, I call it “Mr. Big.”


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4 Responses to Bison Bonanza Whidbey Island

  1. katalin temesvari says:

    I didnt like the meat very much, maybe I didnt cook it right.

  2. Michelle says:

    i love love love whidbey island!!! and your photos are great. I can almost smell the bison. 🙂

  3. KevinD says:

    Hello, Is this by chance the nice lady with the Buffalo near Penn Cove on Whidbey Island? It has been a long time, but I randomly dropped in there while on a drive many, many years ago. I just knocked on her door and she was gracious enough to walk me down and visit her buffalo. It is a fond memory. Thank you for reading, Kevin

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