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Introduction to “Ports of Call” Series-USN

Since I acquired my new scanner and I am already in the process of uploading photographs. An idea hit me. With the interest I saw on my blog about “The making of the Pearl Harbor movie,” I came to the … Continue reading

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The making of a movie- Pearl Harbor

Back in 2000-2001 I was living in Hawaii during the filming and premier of the Pearl Harbor movie.  Details often fade, though pictures are timeless.  Here are some of those photographs.  Kat~   🙂

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Diving Locations of Oahu, Hawaii, Series 3

More diving locations on Oahu, Hawaii…. Ulua Caves: (Lava Formations)  Ulua Caves is not actually a cave but an undercut.  The max depth is about 90 feet but depths of 100 feet may be reached.  It is best to use … Continue reading

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The Polar Zone Weekly Vacation Wrap, July 19, 2013

We (me) are on vacation but that doesn’t mean posts can’t be scheduled ahead of time, with a weekly wrap! Hungarian & U.S. News & Events in Review: For July 19th, 2013. New Hungarian Genealogy & P.O.W. links:  I was very excited … Continue reading

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Diving Locations of Oahu, Hawaii, Series 2

So where did we leave off last week?  I believe it was “The Mahi.” The next destination is:   Makaha Caverns: (Lava Tube Dive)  The Makaha Caverns are made up of very  unique and interesting lava formations.  The underwater architecture here is incredible.  … Continue reading

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