WWII Hungarian References

A compiled list of archives/data/books and information relating to Hungary during World War II, European Campaign, Prisoners of War, Casualty Lists, Deported.  This list will be updated as new sources become available. (Some material was translated, if you find any errors please let me know.)

  • Hungarian Prisoners of War in the Soviet Union. Documents, 1941-1953. Moscow-Budapest-Rosszpen MKTTK, 2006; Eva Varga Mary. Hungarian Soviet Prisoner of War, 1941-1956. Budapest, Russicon Pannonicana, 2009.
  • Majszkij, Ivan Mikhailovich (1884-1975) – Soviet Diplomat. Between 1932 and 1943 the Soviet Union was represented in London, followed in rank from 1941. Deputy People’s Commissar for Foreign Affairs from 1943 to 1946th In 1947, he entered into teaching. In 1953, he was arrested and went to jail. Rehabilitated in 1955.
  • Pavel, Polian: Against Their Will: “The History and Geography of Forced Migrations in the USSR,” Budapest and New York, Central European University Press, 2004, Eva Varga Mary.
  • Viorel, Achim: Romania and the Refugees from Bessarabia and Northern Bucovina after 1944 (Annali in. dell’Istituto Storico Italo-Germanic in Trento, Volume XXIX, Società Editrice il Mulino) Bologna, 2003
  • Elijah Elemer: Change in Transylvania. Myth and reality. Munich 1976
  • White Paper on the 1944th Fall of Anti-Hungarian Atrocities. UDMR, Cluj-Napoca, 1998
  • Ferenc Bognar Dunainé, Julia Canyon: The Second World War Heroes and Victims of Szeged. Studies in the History of Csongrád County XXIII. Volume. Szeged, 1998
  • Szabó, Péter: Defense of Budapest Hungarian Defense Forces.  Military Science Reference 1994
  • Pavel, Lunyickij: Log In Hungary. Budapest, Kossuth Zrinski Publishing House, 1980,
  • Vasilievic Matvey Zakharov,:. Liberation of Central and Southeastern Europe. Budapest, Zrinski Press, 1973
  • Peter Gosztony: Budapest Flames 1944-45. Budapest, 1998
  • Ungváry Krisztian: Siege of Budapest. Budapest, Corvina Press, 1998
  • Hungary in World War II, Encyclopedia A-Zs Budapest, Hungary, Petit Real Military Science Publishing House, Budapest, 1996
  • Their Only Crime was Hungarian-Memorial Book to the Victims of Stalinism in Transcarpathia, 1944-1946. Compiled by George Dupka. Uzhgorod and Budapest, Patent, Intermix, 1993
  •  Pavel, Polian: R. John Schindler: Yugoslavia’s First Ethnic Cleansing. Várdy in. Steven Bela – Tooley, T. Hunt: Ethnic Cleansing in 20th Century Europe. New York, Boulder, 2003
  • The Soviet Data: Voennoplennüje v USSR, 1939-1956. I material document. Logos, Moscow, 2000, Vengerszkije Voennoplennüje v USSR, documented from 1941 to 1953. Rosszpen, Moscow, 2005
  • Goszudartsztvennüj Arhiv Rosszijszkoj Federation, Centre Hranenija Isztoriko-Dokumentalnüh Kollekcij [Russian Federation State Archives, Historical Documents Central Collection] Moscow, (Fond 1)  War Archives and Archive, HM Peace Preparatory Material 1947 2, box, A / I / 94/4766.eln.
  • The Mures Leventes War Calvary. County Archives, Szeged.
  • Tibor Papp (eds.), Prisoners of War POW Lottery … (describe the Second World War), Budapest, Petit Real.

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